Connector NameDescriptionUpdate DateFirst Release DateVersionInteral Name
ExcelMicrosoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft. Connect to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in your file services like OneDrive for Business, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc. You can perform various actions such as create, update, get, and delete on rows in a table.2021-10-292016-10-13releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600excel
OneDrive for BusinessOneDrive for Business is a cloud storage, file hosting service that allows users to sync files and later access them from a web browser or mobile device. Connect to OneDrive for Business to manage your files. You can perform various actions such as upload, update, get, and delete files.2021-10-212016-10-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2589onedriveforbusiness
Google DriveGoogle Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. It allows users to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.2021-11-192016-10-13releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620googledrive
Azure QueuesAzure Queue storage provides cloud messaging between application components. Queue storage also supports managing asynchronous tasks and building process work flows.2021-11-182017-01-26releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619azurequeues
Logic flowsConnector for Logic Flows/Apps2021-11-032016-10-08releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605logicflows
Excel Online (Business)Excel Online (Business) connector lets you work with Excel files in document libraries supported by Microsoft Graph (OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Sites, and Office 365 Groups).2021-11-052018-03-01releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607excelonlinebusiness
Azure Event Grid PublishAzure Event Grid Publish will publish data to any Azure Event Grid Custom Topic.2021-11-182017-09-07releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619azureeventgridpublish
Azure Table StorageAzure Table storage is a service that stores structured NoSQL data in the cloud, providing a key/attribute store with a schemaless design. Sign into your Storage account to create, update, and query tables and more.2021-11-182017-08-08releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619azuretables
SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. Connect to SQL Server to manage data. You can perform various actions such as create, update, get, and delete on rows in a table.2021-11-182016-10-13laborbol/patches/1520/sql-mi\1.0.1520.2573sql
Excel Online (OneDrive)Excel Online (OneDrive) connection provider lets you work with Excel files stored in OneDrive. This connection provider only supports personal (MSA) accounts.2021-10-122018-02-09releases/v1.0.1481\1.0.1481.2463excelonline
Azure Blob StorageMicrosoft Azure Storage provides a massively scalable, durable, and highly available storage for data on the cloud, and serves as the data storage solution for modern applications. Connect to Blob Storage to perform various operations such as create, update, get and delete on blobs in your Azure Storage account.2021-11-182016-10-13releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619azureblob
OneDriveConnect to OneDrive to manage your files. You can perform various actions such as upload, update, get, and delete on files in OneDrive.2021-06-302016-10-13depfeife/special-train\1.0.1489.2478onedrive
Power Apps NotificationSend push notifications to apps created with Power Apps. Trigger them from Flows or other apps.2021-11-192017-02-28releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620powerappsnotification
Microsoft TranslatorMicrosoft Translator lets you translate text across multiple languages.2021-02-262016-10-13releases/v1.0.1445\1.0.1445.2347microsofttranslator
SharePointSharePoint helps organizations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers. You can connect to SharePoint Online or to an on-premises SharePoint 2013 or 2016 farm using the On-Premises Data Gateway to manage documents and list items.2021-10-292016-10-13releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600sharepointonline
Dynamics 365 (deprecated)Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based service that provides a set of intelligent applications that seamlessly work together — unifying the capabilities of CRM business software and ERP systems.2021-11-182016-10-26releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619dynamicscrmonline
SalesforceThe Salesforce Connector provides an API to work with Salesforce objects.2021-10-132016-10-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585salesforce
DropboxDropbox is a service that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Connect to Dropbox to manage your files. You can perform various actions such as upload, update, get, and delete files in Dropbox.2021-11-192016-10-18releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620dropbox
10to8 Appointment Scheduling10to8 is a powerful appointment management, communications & online booking system.2021-01-222017-03-25releases/v1.0.1433\1.0.1433.230910to8
365 Training365.Training offers practical on-demand training for makers of all skill levels. Our connector allows you to use our notifications in your apps and automation to stay up-to-date with our new releases.2021-01-222020-12-31releases/v1.0.1433\1.0.1433.2309365training
Accounting freeeAccounting freee is an integrated cloud accounting software offering which is designed for sole proprietors and corporate customers. Integration with daily upstream accounting operations, including bank and credit card accounts, invoicing, payment management, and requests for approval and payment, prevents manual input errors and significantly reduces the time spent on accounting tasks.2021-07-172021-01-21release-test-new\1.0.1299.2212accountingfreee
AccuWeather (Independent Publisher)AccuWeather provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide.2021-11-192021-09-14releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620accuweatherip
Azure Container InstanceEasily run containers on Azure with a single command. Create container groups, get the logs of a container and more.2021-06-092017-11-17releases/v1.0.1479\1.0.1479.2452aci
Act!Act! helps individuals, small businesses, and sales teams organize prospect and customer details in one place.2020-11-202017-03-30releases/v1.0.1420\1.0.1420.2244act
Actsoft Mobile Workforce PlusActsoft Mobile Workforce Plus is an all-in-one service management platform that helps you more effectively manage your remote teams of employees and general business operations away from the office. As a cloud-based solution, WFM enables remote data collection and displays it via its web app dashboard, providing managers with the additional insight they need to create smarter strategies for increased efficiency, productivity, and reduced costs while coordinating their mobile workforces.2021-10-292021-10-29release-test-new\1.0.1530.2597actsoft
AcumaticaAcumatica Cloud ERP Connector2020-11-132018-12-19releases/v1.0.1414\1.0.1414.2210acumatica
Adobe Creative CloudConnect to Adobe Creative Cloud to manage your assets. You can perform various actions such as create, get, and delete assets on Creative Cloud. You can also choose to be notified when an asset is added or updated on Creative Cloud.2020-09-092017-06-10releases/v1.0.1392\1.0.1392.2132adobecreativecloud
Adobe PDF ServicesAdobe PDF Services API brings a set of powerful cloud-based APIs to integrate multi-step document workflows into any application. Use document generation to create custom PDF documents from Word templates and JSON data. Convert to PDF, export PDF to other formats, apply OCR, compress, linearize or protect PDFs, and also edit PDFs with tools like merge or split.2021-11-172020-12-04releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618adobepdftools
Adobe SignAdobe is the most trusted digital document sign service in the world. With Adobe Sign, you can transform manual processes into all-digital experiences. Incorporate Adobe Sign functionality into your favorite applications to create, send and monitor the status of agreements.2021-09-172017-09-21releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558adobesign
Africa's Talking AirtimeProvides actions to distribute airtime to your users instantly via Africa's Talking's Airtime service and to watch for status notifications regarding these airtime requests2021-09-082021-01-21releases/v1.0.1512\1.0.1512.2544africastalkingairtime
Africa's Talking SMSSend and receive SMS from more than 300 million mobile subscribers across Africa.2021-09-082020-09-01releases/v1.0.1512\1.0.1512.2544africastalkingsms
Africa's Talking VoiceOffers an action to schedule outbound calls to recipients through Africa's Talking's Voice API. You can use this connector to instruct our Voice service to Say/Play a sequence of items in an outbound call.2021-09-082020-12-03releases/v1.0.1512\1.0.1512.2544africastalkingvoice
AgilePoint NXAgilePoint is a platform that opens up two-way communication to provide native support for flows within larger, more scalable cross-organizational automations. Now you can include important daily tasks performed within Microsoft ecosystem in the big picture processes housed in AgilePoint.2021-09-082020-12-03releases/v1.0.1512\1.0.1512.2544agilepointnx
AgiliteAgilit-e enables you to centralize your business logic and processes and expose them as microservices to new or existing applications. With the Agilit-e connector, you gain access to many services including Business Process Management (BPM), Roles, Keywords, Templates and more.2021-09-082019-05-31releases/v1.0.1512\1.0.1512.2544agilite
AheadAhead is the intelligent information hub that drives engagement and communication.​2021-09-082019-02-02releases/v1.0.1512\1.0.1512.2544ahead
AikiDocsAikiDocs for Office Documents enables document changes that would otherwise require human interaction. Merging, Manipulating, extracting content to and from office documents can be integrated into your solutions2021-10-202021-10-20release-test-new\1.0.1530.2591aikidocs
AirmeetAirmeet is the fastest growing platform for hosting a rich variety of virtual events. From Hackathons to ice-breakers, panel discussions to workshops, Airmeet's intuitive experience delivers on organisers expectations for a wide range of events and not just conferences.2021-11-172021-11-10releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618airmeet
airSlateAutomate your business workflows in Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, NetSuite, and other services without coding. Configure no-code airSlate Bots to transfer data between systems of record and data sources. Set conditions to route documents between multiple recipients, and automate reminders and notifications.2021-09-082019-07-24releases/v1.0.1512\1.0.1512.2544airslate
Airtable (Independent Publisher)Connector to read and write data in Airtable. Airtable is a cloud-based spreadsheet-like service that enables users to collaborate and manage different types of data. It is easy-to-use and can act as database or CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It can also be used as project planning, tracking inventory.2021-10-132021-06-18releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585airtable
Alemba ITSMAlemba Service Manager enhances your service delivery by streamlining your IT and Enterprise Service Management Processes. Create, read and update all ASM records including Incidents, Requests, Knowledge Articles and CMDB Items.2021-09-082021-06-04releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549alembaitsm
AletheiaAletheia is an online web service providing financial data through an easily accessible HTTP REST API. Access stock data, SEC filings, Insider Trades, earnings calls, and more.2021-08-202021-03-13releases/v1.0.1508\1.0.1508.2530aletheia
AllyThe Ally Connector allows your company to distribute news and information through our AI-based Converstional Agent called Ally. Use the full potential of AI to maximize your sales and achieve an organization-wide information distribution.2021-09-082018-11-22releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549aliru
AlmabaseAlmabase is world's most loved alumni management software to build alumni-centric programs to increase participation, donor engagement, and host engaging online communities. 2021-11-122021-08-12releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613almabase
Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service from Amazon. Connect to Amazon Redshift database to read data from tables.2021-10-052017-08-04releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2571amazonredshift
Amazon S3Simple Storage Service (S3) is a data storage service provided by Amazon Web Services.2021-10-052021-04-28releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2571amazons3
Amazon SQSSimple Queue Service (SQS) is a queue service provided by Amazon Web Services.2021-10-052021-04-28releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2571amazonsqs
AppfiguresAppfigures is a reporting platform for mobile app developers. It brings together all of your app store sales, ad data, worldwide reviews, and hourly rank updates based off of the available reports from your synced accounts.2021-09-082016-10-22releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549appfigures
Azure Application InsightsAzure Application Insights is an extensible analytics service that helps you understand the performance and usage of your live web application. Connect to your Application Insights resource to run and visualize various Analytics queries.2021-09-082017-06-03releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549applicationinsights
ApprovalsEnables approvals in workflows.2021-11-052017-04-12releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607approvals
AppsForOps TimelineAppsForOps Timeline is a game changing Customer Success software platform and the connector allows you to create new timeline entries on AppsForOps Timelines.2021-09-082018-09-11releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549appsforops
Cloud Connect StudioThis connector will be used to integrate with Fuji Xerox Cloud Connect Studio solution. This connector will be used as Trigger only and will be triggered once user perform a Scan from Cloud Connect Studio solution2021-09-082018-06-12releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549appstudioapi
Apptigent PowerTools LITEApptigent PowerTools LITE (Community Edition) is a FREE suite of essential utilities for enterprise workflow, forms and cloud applications. Manipulate text, modify collections, format dates and times, convert currency, perform advanced mathematical calculations, shorten URL's, encode strings, and more. PowerTools is the ultimate power user toolkit - FREE!2021-09-082020-07-24releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549apptigentpowertoolslite
Apptigent PowerToolsUnlock the potential of Microsoft Power Platform with Apptigent PowerTools PRO. Manipulate text, modify collections, format dates and times, convert currency, perform advanced mathematical calculations, shorten URL's, encode strings, convert text to speech, translate content into multiple languages, and more. PowerTools PRO includes all the functionality from the LITE version plus over 40 advanced actions to take your apps, forms and flows to the next level.2021-08-112020-09-23releases/v1.0.1505\1.0.1505.2520apptigentpowertoolspro
Aquaforest PDFAquaforest PDF connector contains a group of actions that performs different PDF operations like splitting, text extraction, barcode extraction and OCR operations for Office 365 and Power Automate.2021-09-102019-04-10releases/v1.0.1514\1.0.1514.2551aquaforest
ArcGISArcGIS connects your automated workflows to resources from your ArcGIS organization. Access geoenrichment, geocoding, and routing services to add demographics and location information to your data. You can also use ArcGIS to create feature layers and fetch data from existing feature layers in your ArcGIS organization.2021-11-192021-10-20release-test-new\1.0.1530.2608arcgis
ArcGIS PaaSArcGIS PaaS connects your automated workflows to resources from your ArcGIS organization. Access geoenrichment, geocoding, and routing services to add demographics and location information to your data.2021-11-022021-11-02release-test-new\1.0.1530.2599arcgispaas
Azure Resource ManagerAzure Resource Manager exposes the APIs to manage all of your Azure resources.2021-09-102017-01-10releases/v1.0.1514\1.0.1514.2551arm
AsanaAsana enables teams to manage their projects and tasks in one place.2021-09-022017-01-26releases/v1.0.1511\1.0.1511.2542asana
AsiteTransform how your teams work together with the Asite connector, the ultimate collaboration solution to build connections between business systems.2021-09-022021-03-23releases/v1.0.1511\1.0.1511.2542asite
Asite (US Gov.)Transform how your teams work together with the Asite connector, the ultimate collaboration solution to build connections between business systems.2021-09-152021-08-31releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556asiteusgov
Assently E-SignAssently E-Sign is a premium SaaS for e-signatures and smart contracts allowing full digitalization for your document workflows.2021-11-172021-06-19releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618assentlyesign
Dynamics 365 Sales InsightsDynamics 365 Sales Insights helps increase your sales with the help of AI-driven insights that promote personalized engagement and proactive decision making to help build relationships.2021-09-102019-04-02releases/v1.0.1514\1.0.1514.2551assistantstudio
Authentise Line-ItemThe Authentise Line-Item API connector allows you to connect to all current line-item data stored in the platform.2019-10-262019-10-25release-test\1.0.1138.1610authentiselineitem
Authentise OrderThe Authentise Order API connector allows you to connect to all current order data stored in the platform.2019-10-262019-10-25release-test\1.0.1138.1610authentiseorder
Automation AnywhereConnect to your Automation Anywhere Control Room instance to invoke a bot. This version target Control Room , which allow the passing of variables when invoking a bot. Older versions will also work without the passing of variable.2019-09-252019-08-21release-test\1.0.1138.1579automationanywhere
AvePoint Cloud GovernanceAutomate provisioning, management, and lifecycle for Teams, Groups, Communities, and Sites. Connect to AvePoint Cloud Governance to execute additional actions in Microsoft 365 such as creation of new content, add users, and update information in lists.2021-09-102020-09-23releases/v1.0.1514\1.0.1514.2551avepointcloudgovernance
AWeberAWeber is an email marketing platform that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and send emails.2021-09-102017-07-07releases/v1.0.1514\1.0.1514.2551aweber
AXtension Content GateCreate a single point of truth for the content in your organization across Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps, by having all relevant content displayed in one overview, in one click.2021-10-202020-06-25releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592axtensioncontentgate
Azure ADAzure Active Directory is an Identity and Access Management cloud solution that extends your on-premises directories to the cloud and provides single sign-on to thousands of cloud (SaaS) apps and access to web apps you run on-premises.2021-08-252017-04-20releases/v1.0.1509\1.0.1509.2535azuread
Azure AD Identity ProtectionIdentity Protection is a tool that allows organizations to discover, investigate, and remediate identity-based risks in their environment.2021-09-152020-08-13releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556azureadip
Azure App ServiceAzure App Service connector allows you to manage app services and server farms in your subscription.2021-09-152020-04-08releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556azureappservice
Azure AutomationAzure Automation provides tools to manage your cloud and on-premises infrastructure seamlessly.2021-11-182017-02-14releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619azureautomation
Azure Communication Services SMSConnector to send SMS using the phone numbers from Azure Communication Services in your subscription2021-09-022020-09-03releases/v1.0.1511\1.0.1511.2542azurecommunicationservicessms
Azure Data FactoryAzure Data Factory is a hybrid data integration service that allows you to create, schedule and orchestrate your ETL/ELT workflows at scale wherever your data lives, in cloud or self-hosted network.2021-09-152018-04-20releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556azuredatafactory
Azure Data LakeAzure Data Lake Store connector allows you to read and add data to an Azure Data Lake account.2021-09-022017-02-11releases/v1.0.1511\1.0.1511.2542azuredatalake
Azure Event GridAzure Event Grid is an eventing backplane that enables event based programing with pub/sub semantics and reliable distribution & delivery for all services in Azure as well as third parties.2021-11-182017-08-14releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619azureeventgrid
Azure File StorageMicrosoft Azure Storage provides a massively scalable, durable, and highly available storage for data on the cloud, and serves as the data storage solution for modern applications. Connect to File Storage to perform various operations such as create, update, get and delete on files in your Azure Storage account.2021-11-182017-07-08releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619azurefile
Azure IoT Central V3Azure IoT Central makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT devices at scale. With the IoT Central V3 connector, you can trigger workflows when a rule has fired, and take actions by executing commands, updating properties, getting telemetry from devices, and more. Use this connector with your Azure IoT Central V3 application.2021-11-052020-05-15releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607azureiotcentral
Azure Log AnalyticsConnect to your Azure Log Analytics workspace to run and visualize various Analytics queries.2021-09-152017-08-08releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556azureloganalytics
Azure Log Analytics Data CollectorAzure Log Analytics Data Collector will send data to any Azure Log Analytics workspace.2021-06-112017-09-19releases/v1.0.1480\1.0.1480.2454azureloganalyticsdatacollector
Azure Monitor LogsUse this connector to query your Azure Monitor Logs across Log Analytics workspace and Application Insights component, to list or visualize results.2021-11-092019-09-05releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607azuremonitorlogs
Azure VMAzure VM connector allows you to manage virtual machines.2021-09-152020-04-08releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556azurevm
Basecamp 3Basecamp 3 is a tool that helps teams work together. It provides a dashboard to manage all messaging, document collaboration, scheduling and task management together in one place.2021-09-172016-10-22releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558basecamp
Basecamp 2Basecamp 2 keeps people on the same page. No matter what your role is, everyone works toward a common goal: finishing a project together.2021-09-172017-02-14releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558basecamp2
Benchmark EmailOnline email marketing solution to engage subscribers, target an audience, send beautiful, responsive emails and track results.2021-09-172017-04-12releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558benchmarkemail
ProjectWise Design IntegrationProjectWise Design Integration from Bentley Systems, Inc. is an information management and design collaboration system to accelerate infrastructure project delivery. Connect to Design Integration to store and modify documents in ProjectWise.2021-09-172018-07-14releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558bentley
BillsPLSBillsPLS process the receipts/bills to extract only the useful details like vendor name, total, date, etc., categorize the bill into different categories like food, travel, etc. based on the line items in the receipts and detects the currency from the bill. Process millions of receipts submitted by your employees to the accounts payable department for reimbursement in matter of seconds and helps in generating reports and analyse the expenditure patterns at various levels.2021-09-172020-08-01releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558billspls
Bing MapsBing Maps2021-11-172017-06-17releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618bingmaps
Bing SearchMicrosoft Cognitive Services Bing Search API allows you to search content across the web.2021-09-172017-06-17releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558bingsearch
BitbucketBitbucket is a web based hosting service for projects that use GIT revision control.2021-09-172017-02-01releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558bitbucket
BitlyBitly is a link management tool. You can shorten links, reroute existing ones and associate them with campaigns across channels and devices.2021-11-122016-10-22releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613bitly
Bitvore CellenusBitvore Cellenus is a data analytics platform that uses advanced AI techniques to provide business insights on hundreds of thousands of public and private companies from diverse sets of unstructured data (including news, press releases, SEC filings/proxy statements, earnings call transcripts and more),both public and licensed. Continuously updated on a 24/7 basis, Bitvore Cellenus derives material events, trended sentiment, growth and risk scoring to drive better business outcomes for customers.2021-09-172020-11-17releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558bitvorecellenus
AtBot LogicAtBot is a no-code bot building service that allows you to create conversational UIs quickly without any programming experience.2021-09-232017-09-15releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563bizzy
AtBot AdminAtBot is a no-code bot building service that allows you to create conversational UIs quickly without any programming experience. The Admin connector provides programmatic access to the configuration portal.2021-09-232018-03-23releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563bizzyadmin
Blackbaud Church ManagementBlackbaud Church Management is designed to effectively manage your people, gifts, communications, events, small groups, ministries, and payments, all in one place.2021-08-042021-07-27releases/v1.0.1503\1.0.1503.2513blackbaudchurchmanag
Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXTBlackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT is a comprehensive cloud-based fundraising and donor management software solution built specifically for nonprofits and the entire social good community.2021-06-092020-02-12releases/v1.0.1479\1.0.1479.2452blackbaudraisersedge
Corda BlockchainCorda is a smart contract distributed ledger. With the Corda connector, you can perform actions such as submitting transactions and reading contract state.2021-10-052019-06-27releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2571blockchaincorda
Ethereum BlockchainEthereum is a smart contract blockchain. With the Ethereum Blockchain connector, you can perform actions such as submitting transactions, reading contract state, and trigger flows on contract updates.2021-10-052019-04-09releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2571blockchainethereum
BloggerBlogger is a blog publishing service. It allows you to create websites and post to them on an ongoing basis.2021-09-232016-10-22releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563blogger
boomapp connect'Intelligent' global 2-way, Email, Voice, SMS and Push Messaging. Supercharge any Power Platform applications with boomapp connect to build truly automated multi-channel conversational communications workflows (uniquely driven by subject). Fully interactive comms workflows based on a recipient’s response allows the delivery of seamless and frictionless interactions without forcing behavioural change through the engagement. For further detail and to set up a free trial account, see our website.2021-11-032020-10-02releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605boomappconnect
BotBot service allows sending and receiving messages through the Microsoft Bot Framework.2017-11-022017-01-12bot
BoxBox™ is a service that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Connect to Box to manage your files. You can perform various actions such as upload, update, get, and delete files in Box.2021-11-192016-10-13releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620box
bttnbttn - The simplest internet user interface in the world.2021-09-232017-04-04releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563bttn
BufferBuffer is a social media management for marketers and agencies. Access your pending and sent updates, social media profiles, and more.2021-09-232017-01-14releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563buffer
BuildingMinds DigitalTwin CoreThe BuildingMinds Core Platform provides REST APIs. With the BuildingMinds DigitalTwin Core API you can read and list the Digital Building Twin masterdata such as buildings, floors and spaces and their properties.2021-11-042021-11-04release-test-new\1.0.1530.2600buildingminds
CalendlyCalendly helps you easily schedule meetings based on participants availability.2021-09-232017-05-27releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563calendly
CampfireCampfire is an instant messaging tool used for communication and file sharing within teams.2021-09-242017-01-26releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564campfire
CandidateZip Resume/Job ParserCandidateZip is a Global Leader of Simplified Resume/Job Data Extraction into ATS/CRM for Recruiters. It is cloud-based resume/CV or Job Parser which converts resumes/CV and jobs to standard fields. This extract contact/location, experience, education, salary, skills, and other fields from resumes/CVs.2021-09-242018-11-22releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564candidatezip
Capsule CRMOnline CRM for individuals, small businesses and sales teams wanting a simple, effective and affordable solution.2021-09-242017-04-06releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564capsulecrm
Captisa FormsCaptisa Forms allows you to build powerful online forms with workflows, conditional logic, duplicate detection rules, multi-level select, lookup, repeating panels, tabs, accordions. Create views and filters use them to analyze your data using charts or pivot grids, and then present them in dashboard.2021-09-242021-04-03releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564captisaforms
Carbon Intensity (Independent Publisher)Uses Carbon Intensity API to provide an indicative trend of the regional carbon intensity of the electricity system in Great Britain2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596carbonintensityip
CardPlatform Adaptive CardsCardPlatform allows you to send Adaptive Cards to users. Can be used for actional content, such as approvals, forms capture, and general messaging. It supports templating and custom cards.2021-09-242021-05-20releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564cardplatform
Casper365 for EducationCasper365 for Education connector provides access for education based apps to their representative data store.2021-09-242019-03-21releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564casper365
CDK Drive CustomerThe API will allow you to find, retrieve, and filter service customers in CDK Drive. Within CDK Drive, a customer is an individual who has been sold a vehicle, is a prospect on a vehicle, has bought parts, or has had their vehicle repaired or serviced through the dealership and exists in a CRM system. In addition, this connector will allow you to create a basic customer record. This helps service advisers provide a positive experience by allowing those workflows to be tied to a customer.2021-09-242020-09-09releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564cdkdrivecustomer
CDK Drive Service VehiclesCDK Drive Service Vehicles Associates identification, type, status, and customer information about a vehicle. The API will allow you to create, update, query, and retrieve service domain vehicle information in CDK.2021-01-062020-08-27releases/v1.0.1429\1.0.1429.2295cdkdriveservicevehicles
Elead Product Reference DataThis API provides data to be used in conjunction with other eLeads APIs as needed. API searches, retrieves and provides the following details - Opportunity sources and sub sources for a specified company and up types, opportunity statuses for a specified company, sales steps for a specified company, employee positions for a specified company, employees by company and position, sender email addresses for a specified company, available vehicle class, year, make, model, trim.2021-01-272021-01-20releases/v1.0.1434\1.0.1434.2314cdkeleadproductreferencedata
Elead Sales CustomersThis API allows for the management of prospect/customer information inside the Elead CRM. This API includes the following capabilities and features for managing prospect/customer information, Add prospect/customer information such as name, phone numbers, email addresses and physical address and return the uniquely-assigned Elead ID on post, Update, search and retrieve prospect/customer contact information tied to an existing Elead ID.2021-01-272021-01-20releases/v1.0.1434\1.0.1434.2314cdkeleadsalescustomers
Elead Sales OpportunitiesElead Sales Opportunities API searches for and retrieves existing sales opportunity information in the Elead CRM. Opportunity information includes details related to the sales team, source, vehicle of interest and vehicle trade information.This API includes the following capabilities and features for managing opportunity-related information.2021-01-272021-01-20releases/v1.0.1434\1.0.1434.2314cdkeleadsalesopportunities
CGTraderGets models from CGTrader for the connected account2021-08-202021-08-20releases/v1.0.1508\1.0.1508.2530cgtrader
ChainpointConnect your data and documents to the Bitcoin blockchain so anyone can verify their integrity and timestamp.2020-05-192018-12-13releases/v1.0.1351\1.0.1351.2005chainpointnode
ChatterChatter is an enterprise social network for your company that allows employees to connect and collaborate in real time.2020-07-222017-01-26releases/v1.0.1373\1.0.1373.2081chatter
Chuck Norris IO (Independent Publisher)This connector is an API provided by ChuckNorris.IO and will provide you with a Chuck Norris fact when you ask for it.2021-11-192021-11-19releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620chucknorrisioip
cioplenuWith cioplenu you can easily create and manage digital work instructions and checklists for industrial applications. Create smart documents, manage them with work orders, track tasks and problems while executing them and analyze the results. This connector allows you to create tasks for your cioplenu instance from external resources.2021-01-062020-12-12releases/v1.0.1429\1.0.1429.2295cioplenu
Cisco Webex MeetingsCisco Webex Meetings provides cost-effective enterprise solutions for virtual meetings. Host highly secure and scalable web meetings from the Cisco Webex cloud.2020-04-302019-10-25releases/v1.0.1341\1.0.1341.1987ciscowebexmeetings
CivicPlus TransformEmpowers business users to create and deploy digital forms for enterprise and government organizations as web and native apps, while allowing developers to customize, extend, or harness the forms through their own custom apps. Connect your forms with this connector to allow easy submission of your form data into your backend systems or databases without the need to write complex integration code.2021-07-082020-04-08releases/v1.0.1492\1.0.1492.2484civicplustransform
Clearbit (Independent Publisher)Clearbit is the marketing data platform behind the fastest-growing B2B companies. Apply real-time intelligence across your entire stack to improve acquisition, conversion, and operations.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596clearbitip
ClickSend PostcardsClickSend Postcard is a cloud-based service enabling you to easily send beautiful colour postcards for any occasion to anyone, anywhere at any scale in an instant.2021-09-242021-03-12releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564clicksendpostcards
ClickSend SMSClickSend for business SMS that gets delivered; alerts, notifications, invites, marketing messages and more. ClickSend is business communications software enabling companies of all shapes and sizes to easily send and receive SMS, Email, Voice and even post worldwide via web app or API. ClickSend has SMS at its core and powers billions of messages worldwide via direct routes but has expanded to offer a full suite of products providing choice and context to your business communications.2021-09-242020-09-24releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564clicksendsms
ClickUp Team Manager (Independent Publisher)Connects to the ClickUp team to manage tasks, folders, and lists from within Power Platform2021-10-132021-10-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585clickupteammanagerip
Cloud App SecurityMicrosoft Cloud App Security gives you visibility into your cloud apps and services, provides sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats and enables you to control how your data travels.2021-09-242018-11-16releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564cloudappsecurity
Cloud BOTCloud BOT is a new web browser automation tool born in Japan. Create and run your own robots easily and safely without any installation.2021-09-292020-12-10releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570cloudbot
Cloudmersive Virus ScanThe Cloudmersive Virus Scan API lets you scan files and content for viruses and identify security issues with content.2021-09-292019-07-19releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570cloudmersive
Cloudmersive BarcodeBarcode APIs let you generate barcode images, and recognize values from images of barcodes.2021-09-292020-04-04releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570cloudmersivebarcode
Cloudmersive Document ConversionConvert API lets you effortlessly convert file formats and types.2021-09-292019-09-14releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570cloudmersiveconvert
Cloudmersive CurrencyThe currency APIs help you retrieve exchange rates and convert prices between currencies easily.2021-09-292020-09-22releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570cloudmersivecurrency
Cloudmersive Data ValidationThe validation APIs help you validate data. Check if an E-mail address is real. Check if a domain is real. Check up on an IP address, and even where it is located. All this and much more is available in the validation API.2021-09-292019-10-29releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570cloudmersivedv
Cloudmersive File ProcessingFile Processing lets you effortlessly create, process, convert and update files.2021-09-292020-07-08releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570cloudmersivefileproc
Cloudmersive Image ProcessingImage Recognition and Processing APIs let you use Machine Learning to recognize and process images, and also perform useful image modification operations.2021-10-202019-12-11releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592cloudmersiveimagepr
Cloudmersive NLPThe powerful Natural Language Processing APIs (v2) let you perform part of speech tagging, entity identification, sentence parsing, and much more to help you understand the meaning of unstructured text.2021-05-072020-05-21releases/v1.0.1468\1.0.1468.2418cloudmersivenlp
Cloudmersive PDFPDF lets you effortlessly create, convert, process, edit, work with, encrypt, and sign PDF files.2020-06-162020-02-04releases/v1.0.1360\1.0.1360.2036cloudmersivepdf
Cloudmersive SecurityThe security APIs help you detect and block security threats.2021-08-252021-08-18releases/v1.0.1509\1.0.1509.2535cloudmersivesecurity
Cloudmersive Video and MediaCloudmersive Video and Media Connector is critical for converting, editing, resizing, moderating and processing video, audio and other media. Cloudmersive Video and Media Services covers a wide array of common video and audio processing needs, including encoding, decoding, editing, resizing, moderating and extracting metadata. Stateless high-security processing ensures fast performance and strong security.2020-09-022020-08-21releases/v1.0.1391\1.0.1391.2128cloudmersivevideoandmedia
Cloud PKI ManagementTake back control of your Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (ADCS) with the Microsoft Power Platform and Cloud PKI Management from 509 Solutions.2019-05-242019-03-07release-test\1.0.1138.1514cloudpki
Cloud PKI ManagementTake back control of your Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (ADCS) with the Microsoft Power Platform and Cloud PKI Management from 509 Solutions.2020-11-202019-03-26releases/v1.0.1420\1.0.1420.2244cloudpkimanagement
Computer Vision APIExtract rich information from images to categorize and process visual data—and protect your users from unwanted content with this Azure Cognitive Service.2021-10-052017-04-05releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572cognitiveservicescomputervision
Content ModeratorContent Moderator is a Microsoft Cognitive Services product which provides machine-assisted moderation of text and images for potentially offensive or unwanted content, augmented with built-in human review tools2021-06-112017-09-22releases/v1.0.1480\1.0.1480.2454cognitiveservicescontentmoderator
Custom VisionAzure Custom Vision Service is a Microsoft Cognitive Services product for tagging images using your custom computer vision model.2021-06-162017-10-21releases/v1.0.1481\1.0.1481.2460cognitiveservicescustomvision
QnA MakerDistill information into an easy-to-navigate FAQ.2021-09-232017-10-20releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563cognitiveservicesqnamaker
Text AnalyticsMicrosoft Cognitive Services Text Analytics detects language, sentiment and more of the text you provide.2021-10-052016-10-22releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572cognitiveservicestextanalytics
Cognito FormsCognito Forms lets you easily build powerful online forms, such as surveys, order forms, registration forms and more. For free.2020-07-222017-05-07releases/v1.0.1373\1.0.1373.2081cognitoforms
Coinbase (Independent Publisher)A connector to the Coinbase platform to fetch cryptocurrency market rates and exchange rates.2021-11-032021-11-03releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605coinbaseip
CommercientCommercient is the easiest and most secure way to process customers and their orders with your ERP Accounting software. Commercient order management does the heavy lifting without any need to integrate with coding. Commercient works with popular accounting and ERP systems such as Syspro, Sage 50, Sage 100, Epicor 9, Epicor 10, Epicor Prophet 21 P21, Sage X3, Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage 200 UK, Sage 50 UK, Infor LN Baan. Look below for the order management and Commercient CPQ functions.2020-10-302019-03-01releases/v1.0.1414\1.0.1414.2210commercientcpq
Microsoft Dataverse (legacy)Provides access to the environment database in Microsoft Dataverse.2021-10-282018-02-10AccessTokenFix\1.0.1534.2602commondataservice
Microsoft DataverseProvides access to the org-based database on Microsoft Dataverse in current environment.2021-10-292019-03-14releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549commondataserviceforapps
Company ConnectInSpark Company Connect is a total package of smart apps & an automated provisioning mechanism, for the accelerated implementation of your personalized staff portals. Inside, information is quick and easy to find; You have direct access to primary work environments (inside and outside of Microsoft 365) and employees have device and location independent access. Company Connect gets the best out of the Office 365, with no restrictions.2020-05-212019-09-17releases/v1.0.1352\1.0.1352.2012companyconnect
Connect2AllImport, export and transform your Business Central data2021-09-292020-02-12releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570connect2all
Connective eSignaturesConnective eSignatures is a renowned digital signature solution offering a vast amount of signature methods & compliance to the most stringent (inter)national regulations. eSignatures allows you to transform any paper-based process into an end-to-end digital flow with an unparalleled user experience. Streamline the signing process exactly how you want it to and send, sign & track all types of documents directly from your favorite business applications. Join more than 500 satisfied customers.2021-10-132020-06-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585connectiveesignatures
Content ConversionA service that allows content to be converted from one format to another.2021-09-292017-06-09releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570conversionservice
COSMO BotCOSMO Bot increases your business success through more efficiency in everyday life. If you answer a standard question today, you are wasting time. In contact with your customers, this is often a good opportunity to get to know each other and establish a relationship. But internally, from employee to employee, or when there is simply too much to do, it is a luxury that not everyone can allow themselves. This connector allows you to extend the bot's functionality and integrate other systems.2021-10-012020-10-23releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572cosmobot
CPQSyncLeverage the 365 technology stack to integrate CPQSync, to the 365 Dynamics ecosystem for a seamless experience. This includes workflow, data, and events.2021-10-192020-04-21release-test-new\1.0.1530.2590cpqsync
CQC Data (Independent Publisher)Reports & ratings for health & social services regulated by the CQC in England2021-10-132021-07-10releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585cqcdata
CRM BotCreate powerful conversation experience for your customers right from your CRM system. Learn more\1.0.1521.2572crmbot
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights ConnectorThe Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Connector provides a set of APIs to interact with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights instances.2021-11-122019-02-23releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613customerinsights
D7SMSD7 SMS allows you to reach your customers via SMS over D7's own connectivity to global mobile networks. D7 provides reliable and cost-effective SMS services to businesses across all industries and aims to connect all countries and territories via direct connections.2021-10-012019-11-08releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572d7sms
Data8 Data EnrichmentData8 helps you build confidence in your data. We can save you money by cleaning and enriching both your existing data, as well as ensuring only the highest quality data goes in at the point of entry, leaving you to concentrate on targeting and communicating to the right customers.2021-11-172019-03-14releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618data8
Power Query DataflowsDataflows are a self-service, cloud-based, data preparation technology that allows you to ingest, transform and load data into Common Data Service environments, Power BI workspaces or your organization's Azure Data Lake Gen2 account.2021-11-052020-09-11releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607dataflows
DataScope FormsDataScope Forms is a mobile solution to automate your operation. Collect data offline, manage field teams and share business insights.2021-10-012020-08-08releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572datascopeforms
DatelistTake bookings from your website with Datelist.io2021-05-212021-05-21release-test-new\1.0.1299.2163datelist
DB2Microsoft Connector for DB2 integrates Azure applications with resources stored in an IBM DB2 database. Connector supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations.2021-11-182017-01-18releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619db2
DBF2XMLA service that allows content to be converted from dbf format to another.2021-10-012020-01-30releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572dbftoxmlconverter
DeskDirectorDeskDirector automates and accelerates ticket-based workflows between Users and Techs working IT services. The DeskDirector connector is a deep and powerful integration into our rich ticketing platform. All phases of a ticket’s life cycle can be automated and enhanced for superior service experience.2021-11-122021-06-19releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613deskdirector
Dexcom (Independent Publisher)This connector is used to retrieve Estimated Glucose Values (EGV) from the Dexcom Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitor website.2021-10-082021-10-08releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580dexcomip
Discord (Independent Publisher)Discord is a voice, video and text communication service used by over a hundred million people to hang out and talk with their friends and communities.2021-10-132021-08-26releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585discordip
DisqusDisqus is a service for web comments and discussions. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive, helping publishers power online discussions.2021-10-012017-01-26releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572disqus
D&B OptimizerD&B Optimizer is a foundational data service from Dun & Bradstreet that improves the quality of your business data by correctly identifying, cleansing, and inserting firmographic intelligence into records within your Microsoft application environment.2021-10-072017-11-01releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578dnb
DocFusion365 – SPDocFusion® 365 is a dynamic, cloud-based document composition and automation engine designed to help you manage all of your document content and processes within the Office 365 environment.2021-10-072017-08-07releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578docfusion365
DocJurisDocJuris is a contract negotiation workspace that empowers legal and business teams to close deals with speed and accuracy.2021-10-152021-05-01releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588docjuris
DocparserExtract data from PDF files & automate your workflow with our reliable document parsing software.2021-10-072017-10-06releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578docparser
}exghts gen. Document & more}exghts helps you automatically generate documents. Just scan an accepted ID Card or other document and the relevant information will be extracted and automatically inserted into your new document based on a previously configured template. More actions will come soon.2021-10-072019-12-05releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578docq
Document AI KonfuzioUse the document AI Konfuzio Connector to OCR, extract, and retrieve structured information from PDFs, images, handwriting, and scans. Register on for free to OCR PDFs and images from various file types, see In addition, you can train your custom Document AI following the Tutorial on to extract structured information from documents.2021-10-072021-07-17releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578documentaikonfuzio
Azure Cosmos DBAzure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed multi-model database service designed to enable you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions with a comprehensive SLA.2021-11-182017-01-25releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619documentdb
Document MergeSharePoint Document and Mail Merge is the simple, fast and clean way to merge SharePoint list data into predefined Word, Excel and PowerPoint document templates with NO CODE!2021-10-072019-02-15releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578documentmerge
DocumentsCorePackDocumentsCorePack is a fast & simple document generation based on Dynamics 365 data. Based on MS Word - templates, DocumentsCorePack provides you with a set of tools to create and process documents effectively.From a document generation wizard that guides users through the process to full document automation - DocumentsCorePack will make your business documents look professional and help you to process them efficiently!2021-09-152020-03-25releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556documentscorepackapi
DocurainDocurain API allows you to create your own documents using template files registered in Docurain and Data for each App and DB.2021-10-072020-12-03releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578docurain
DocuSignDocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. Today, more than half a million customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business and to simplify people's lives. Connect to DocuSign to manage and automate your system of agreement.2021-10-062017-01-26releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578docusign
DocuSign DemoDocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. The DocuSign Demo connector connects only to DocuSign Demo environments but offers the same functionality as the regular DocuSign connector. Any documents in a DocuSign Demo environment are not legally binding. For all non-demo uses, use the regular DocuSign connector.2021-10-072018-02-23releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578docusigndemo
Dokobit PortalUse Dokobit portal with all the features that it has but make it automated so that you don't have to waste your time on the administrative job. Put together an automated document signing process puzzle from only the parts you need: signing, sharing, downloading or deleting documents, removing and replacing signers, getting details about signers and signature information.2021-10-082020-10-06releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580dokobitportal
dox42The dox42 connector provides a connection to the very extensive dox42 REST API and allows you to automatically generate documents in a flow with data from all sources, like D365, SharePoint or others.2021-09-012021-06-09releases/v1.0.1511\1.0.1511.2542dox42
d.velopd.velop is a provider of ECM solutions (Enterprise Content Management). Use this connector to connect your flow with services from the d.velop platform or your d.velop system.2021-09-232021-09-15releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563dvelop
Dynamics 365 Ratings & ReviewsUtilize Dynamics 365 Commerce Ratings and Reviews APIs to import new reviews, export existing reviews, and more!2021-11-162021-11-16release-test-new\1.0.1530.2606dynamics365ratingsre
Fin & Ops Apps (Dynamics 365)Fin & Ops Apps (Dynamics 365) connector provides access to data entities.2021-10-272016-10-26releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598dynamicsax
Dynamics 365 Fraud ProtectionMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection provides merchants the capability to obtain risk assessment on fraudulent activity associated with e-commerce purchases, fraudulent account sign up and sign in attempts in their online store2021-11-102021-09-14release-test-new\1.0.1530.2602dynamicsfraudprotect
Dynamic SignalDynamic Signal is an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform, trusted by organizations to connect, align and engage employees. Connect to Dynamic Signal to create and manage your posts and users.2021-10-082018-05-30releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580dynamicsignal
Dynamics NAVDynamics NAV is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business. You can use this connector with Dynamics NAV 2017 or later.2021-10-012016-10-26releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572dynamicsnavision
Business Central (on-premises)Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-premises) is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business.2021-10-012018-09-25releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572dynamicssmbonprem
Business CentralDynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business.2021-11-172018-09-25releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618dynamicssmbsaas
Easy RedmineEasy Redmine is a web based tool for software project management.2021-10-082017-01-26releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580easyredmine
EasyVista Service ManagerEasyVista Service Manager2021-10-082019-03-20releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580easyvista
Easyvista Self HelpGetting Answers Should be Easy. Go beyond the limits of your traditional knowledge base with EV Self Help. Easily capture and deliver knowledge like you never have before. Interact with your whole information system2021-10-082019-08-21releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580easyvistaselfhelp
EduframeEduframe is a complete solution for commercial training providers & business schools to attract more students, manage & automate the course administration, and deliver the ultimate learning experience. Eduframe seamlessly integrates with Canvas LMS. The connector opens up the opportunity to easily integrate your existing software applications with Eduframe, like your CRM and accounting software.2021-11-162020-04-14release-test-new\1.0.1530.2606eduframe
EgnyteEgnyte is a service that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Connect to Egnyte to manage your files. You can perform various actions such as upload, update, get, and delete files in Egnyte.2021-10-082019-11-15releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580egnyte
E-goiE-goi is a Multichannel Marketing Automation Platform, including email marketing services, SMS, Voice Broadcast, Push Notifications, Web Push and Forms to Capture, Automate, Communicate, Analyse and Generate more Sales. The connector allow users to add/update contacts, attach tags and send transactional SMS.2021-10-082021-01-14releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580egoi
Eigen EventsProvides events from Ingenuity for use as flow triggers. You can use this connector to start flows whenever a selected event completes in the Eigen Ingenuity System2021-10-082021-01-05releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580eigenevents
Elastic FormsBuild advanced and interactive forms!2021-10-082017-06-24releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580elasticforms
ElasticOCRThe new, modern way to OCR your documents.2021-10-132018-05-18releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585elasticocr
Elfsquad Product ConfiguratorThe Elfsquad Product Configurator enables sellers, or even end-customers to configure complex products. Create error-free quotations within minutes. Elfsquad uses Power Automate to sync with other applications. E.g. Sync contacts and quotes to CRM, Bill of Materials (BOM) to ERP and fill parametric models in CAD.2021-10-132019-10-10releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585elfsquad
Elfsquad DataThe Elfsquad Product Configurator enables sellers, or even end-customers to configure complex products. Create error-free quotations within minutes.2021-08-272021-05-12releases/v1.0.1510\1.0.1510.2537elfsquaddata
emfluence Marketing PlatformThe emfluence Marketing Platform is a marketing automation platform that allows customers the ability to create, deploy, and track multi-channel campaigns. This connector provides access to the emfluence Marketing Platform API.2021-10-132019-12-04releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585emfluencemp
EnadocEnadoc is an innovative, cloud-based enterprise document imaging system. Enadoc provides solutions for secure and reliable management of documents on the cloud, with capabilities such as archival, search, retrieval and sharing of documents.2021-10-132017-10-21releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585enadoc
EnateEnate Connector allows seamless integration with Enate’s enterprise workflow engine. It allows to get work from the Enate platform, edit the data and add/download files. We can also create new work items on the Enate platform using these actions of the Enate connector.2021-10-292021-10-29release-test-new\1.0.1530.2597enate
EncodianEnhanced document format conversion, OCR, watermarking, data extraction, redaction + much more. 2021-08-182018-11-01releases/v1.0.1507\1.0.1507.2528encodiandocumentmanager
Engagement Clouddotdigital Engagement Cloud is a SaaS omnichannel marketing automation platform helping you create, send, and test data-driven campaigns.2021-10-132020-04-24releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585engagementcloud, inc provides 3 broad set of features. 1) PayPal Invoicing, Payouts and IPN features leveraging your PayPal account. 2) Webhooks for Invoicing and Contacts leveraging your Xero account. 3) QBO Inovice leveraging your QuickBooks Online account.2021-10-132019-05-01releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585entegrations
EntersoftEntersoft Connector makes avaiable to the external ecosystem the rich set of services, objects, and events of the Entersoft Business Suite products: CRM, ERP, WMS, Retail, Mobile Apps, POD, e-Commerce, MRPII. Flows and apps of any type can integrate with the services exposed by Entersoft Connector. Workflows can be triggered by events taking palce at the Entersoft Application's Server leveraging the reachness of Entersoft Business Suite family products.2021-10-132021-02-03releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585entersoft
EnvoyAn Envoy connector that allows you to be able to connect your Envoy account (our REST API endpoints) to any other connectors. An example would be to create bulk invites in Envoy with details from a Microsoft Excel Online spreadsheet.2021-11-032019-10-12releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605envoy
EONET by NASA (Independent Publisher)The Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker (EONET) is a prototype web service from NASA with the goal of providing a curated source of continuously updated natural event metadata and providing a service that links those natural events to thematically-related web service-enabled image sources (e.g., via WMS, WMTS, etc.).2021-09-292021-09-28releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570eonetbynasaip
Ephesoft Semantik For InvoicesThe Ephesoft Semantik for Invoices connector helps organizations extract critical invoice data using cutting edge AI models to automate accounts payable processing. Semantik Invoice is a point solution that can speed up your invoice processing, reduce compliance errors, and free up your staff to work on more business critical items.2021-09-012020-12-12releases/v1.0.1511\1.0.1511.2542ephesoftsemantikforinvoices
E-SignE-Sign Anything. Anywhere. It’s easy to e-sign and send your documents on any device with our secure electronic signature system.2021-05-262021-01-22releases/v1.0.1475\1.0.1475.2438esign
Etsy (Independent Publisher)This connector uses your API key to access various features. It supports actions for inventory, sales orders, and shop management. All actions are based on Etsy Open API v3 which does have endpoints that are still in beta. If such as actions use the beta API, the action with include Beta in the title and will return a 501 response code.2021-10-132021-08-04releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585etsy
EventbriteEventbrite is a self-service ticketing platform used to create and discover local events.2021-01-062017-02-04releases/v1.0.1429\1.0.1429.2295eventbrite
Event HubsConnect to Azure Event Hubs to send and receive events.2021-11-052017-07-25release-2021-11-03-rarayudu\1.0.1536.2608eventhubs
EvocomEvocom is an easy-to-use solution for collaborative workflows and task management for enterprises. According to the motto "first digitize, then automate", companies transform manual processes into digital processes in order to further integrate and automate them afterwards.2021-03-032020-12-09releases/v1.0.1447\1.0.1447.2351evocom
ExpensyaExpensya is a leading Spend Management solution in Europe, and this connector allows to build on top of our technology, automate integration to third party systems, and extend existing features.2021-01-222020-11-18releases/v1.0.1433\1.0.1433.2309expensya
Expiration ReminderExpiration Reminder allows tracking of expiration dates and renewals for software licenses, contracts, employee certifications, permits, warranties, etc.2020-05-212018-12-01releases/v1.0.1352\1.0.1352.2012expirationreminder
EXPOCADThis service interfaces with live EXPOCAD event data. Please use PUT, POST, and DELETE operations with discretion. Keep authorization codes private. If your code has been compromised, contact immediately.2021-07-082019-12-10releases/v1.0.1492\1.0.1492.2484expocad
EXPOCAD EDGE Web API ServiceEXPOCAD is a Professional Event Floor Plan Management Software Specifically Created for Show Organizers and Operations Teams to Manage Exhibitors and Exposition Space. Multi-Event Management - Any Venue - Any Size - Indoors or Out2019-12-042019-11-08release-test\1.0.1138.1641expocadedgewebapi
Face APIMicrosoft Cognitive Services Face API allows you to detect, identify, analyze, organize and tag faces in photos.2021-10-052017-01-26releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572faceapi
Farsight DNSDBFarsight Security DNSDB is the world's largest DNS intelligence database that provides a fact-based view of the configuration of the global Internet infrastructure. DNSDB leverages Farsight's Security Information Exchange (SIE) data-sharing platform and is engineered and operated by leading DNS experts. Farsight collects, filters, and verifies Passive DNS data from its global sensor array. DNSDB is the highest-quality and most comprehensive DNS intelligence data service of its kind.2021-09-172021-09-04releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558farsightdnsdb
Federal Reserve Economic Data (Independent Publisher)FRED contains frequently updated US macro and regional economic time series at annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily frequencies. FRED aggregates economic data from a variety of sources- most of which are US government agencies. The economic time series in FRED contain observation or measurement periods associated with data values.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596federalreserveeconip
FHIRBaseMicrosoft FHIR Server Connector for FHIR R4 Base resources.2020-10-232020-10-13releases/v1.0.1410\1.0.1410.2197fhirbase
FHIRClinicalMicrosoft FHIR Server Connector for FHIR R4 Clinical resources.2020-10-232020-10-13releases/v1.0.1410\1.0.1410.2197fhirclinical
File SystemConnect to File Systems on your local or network machines to read from and write to files using the On-Premises Data Gateway.2021-11-162017-01-20releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613filesystem
FireTextFireText makes effective SMS marketing & notifications easy indeed - whether you're brand new to text message marketing or a seasoned hand.2020-12-042019-09-14releases/v1.0.1423\1.0.1423.2260firetext
FlicThe Flic connector allows a workflow to be triggered by the press of a Flic button or Flic task, in combination with the Flic Android or iOS app.2021-10-012017-04-04releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572flic
Flotiq headless CMSFlotiq is an API-first, headless Content Management System which allows users to easily publish content through APIs that are dynamically built to support the current content model. We provide a variety of simple, low-code (or no-code) solutions to integrate systems with Flotiq in order to efficiently work with data. This connector allows you to easily integrate your Microsoft services with Flotiq and exchange data between systems with very little effort.2021-04-152021-03-02releases/v1.0.1461\1.0.1461.2397flotiqheadlesscms
FlowFormaFlowForma Business Process Management (BPM) tools for Office 365, enable users to build forms & workflow, automating processes without code.2020-12-042017-09-02releases/v1.0.1423\1.0.1423.2260flowforma
Power Automate ManagementPower Automate Management connector enables interaction with Power Automate Management service. For example: creating, editing, and updating flows. Administrators who want to perform operations with admin privileges should call actions with the 'as Admin' suffix.2021-11-102017-11-01releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607flowmanagement
NotificationsThe notification service enables notifications created by a flow to go to your email account or Microsoft Flow mobile app.2021-11-102016-10-22releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607flowpush
Fluid Kinnectorz for ProcoreThe Fluid Kinnectorz for Procore connector is a low-code integration application for Procore users. With this connector you can effortlessly create and implement custom workflows by integrating Procore with hundreds of other software packages represented within the Microsoft Power Platform connector library. Choose Phoenix Innovation Lab's Fluid Kinnectorz for Procore - because in construction, you don't have time for anything less!2021-11-122021-06-12release-test-new\1.0.1530.2604fluidkinnectorzforpr
Fluid Kinnectorz for Procore (Test)Test Connector by engineering team2021-11-122021-10-16release-test-new\1.0.1530.2604fluidkinnectorztest
FORCAM FORCE BridgeFORCAM FORCE is a IIoT platform solution for data driven manufacturing. It supports manufacturing companies to significantly increase their productivity. Its semantic data layer creates a uniform production data model and connects the shop- and top floor. The platform's open web interface form the bridge to in-house and third-party applications, thus enabling the free composition and collaboration of solutions. Connect today with FORCE to empower your workforce for digital transformation.2021-06-092020-07-24releases/v1.0.1479\1.0.1479.2452forcamforcebridge
Form RecognizerExtracts information from forms and images into structured data based on pre-trained models or model created by a set of representative training forms.2021-10-132019-07-26releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585formrecognizer
Formstack FormsFormstack is one of the easiest ways to build custom forms that let you collect data your way.2021-10-202021-01-20releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592formstackforms
FreeAgent (Independent Publisher)FreeAgent is a cloud based accounting system. It brings everything together, from invoice and expense management to project management and sales tax. FreeAgent made specifically for freelancers, small business owners and their accountants.2021-10-072021-10-07releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578freeagentip
FreshBooksFreshBooks is a cloud based small business accounting software. Send invoices, track time, manage receipts and expenses.2021-10-132017-02-17releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585freshbooks
FreshdeskFreshdesk is a cloud-based customer support solution that will help you streamline your customer service and make sure your customers receive the support they deserve! The Freshdesk connector is intended for Freshdesk agents to manage tickets and contacts.2021-11-102017-01-26releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607freshdesk
FreshserviceFreshservice is a cloud-based IT service desk and service management solution that's easy to set up and use, to transform employee experience across the organization.2021-10-012017-06-14releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572freshservice
FTPThe File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network. FTP is built on a client-server model architecture and uses separate control and data connections between the client and the server.2021-11-182016-10-13releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619ftp
FulcrumThis connector gives you the ability to setup a webhook in Fulcrum as a trigger or connect your Fulcrum data through the Query API.2020-05-152020-05-15release-test-new\1.0.1299.1938fulcrum
Pitney Bowes Tax CalculatorPitney Bowes Tax Calculator allows anyone to determine local tax jurisdictions & tax rates in the United States based on address inputs or location coordinates2021-10-152018-03-02releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588geotax
GetAcceptGetAccept provides a sales enablement platform for sales to design, send, promote, track, and e-sign sales documents, leveraging sales collateral, contract management, proposals, and electronic signatures in one place.2021-10-152020-08-19releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588getaccept
GetMyInvoicesGetMyInvoices is a digital invoice management software that simplifies and speeds up preparatory accounting. The solution automatically retrieves invoices and other documents from thousands of sources – from online portals, email postboxes and cloud storages to scanned documents. Connect to GetMyInvoices you can automate various actions as soon as a new document is available in GetMyInvoices e.g. creating a row in Microsoft Excel, sending a message in Slack, generating a Trello card etc.2021-10-152020-08-08releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588getmyinvoices
GitHubGitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service. It offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.2021-09-102016-10-13releases/v1.0.1514\1.0.1514.2551github
GmailGmail is a web-based email service from Google. With the Gmail connector, you can perform actions such as send or receive e-mail messages, and trigger flows on new e-mails.2021-11-192017-01-24releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620gmail
GoFileRoomGoFileRoom is a cloud-based document management and workflow solution. With the GoFileRoom connector, you can perform document, user management, and FirmFlow actions.2021-10-152019-08-21releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588gofileroom
Google CalendarGoogle Calendar lets you organize your schedule and share events with co-workers and friends. With Google's free online calendar, it's easy to keep track of your daily schedule.2021-06-092016-10-22releases/v1.0.1479\1.0.1479.2452googlecalendar
Google ContactsGoogle Contacts is an online address book, integrated across your Google products and more.2021-10-152017-01-26releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588googlecontacts
Google SheetsConnect to Google Sheets to manage your spreadsheets. You can create, edit, and collaborate with others on spreadsheets.2021-10-012016-10-13releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572googlesheet
Google TasksGoogle Tasks is a very simple task list. Works inside Gmail, Android, and Calendar seamlessly.2021-04-212016-10-22releases/v1.0.1463\1.0.1463.2403googletasks
GoQR (Independent Publisher)Generate QRCode in a easy way. The connector will return the QR Code image.2021-10-072021-10-07releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578goqr
GoToMeetingGoToMeeting is an online meeting tool. You can schedule your own meetings or watch for the ones you are invited to.2021-10-152017-01-26releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588gotomeeting
GoToTrainingCitrix GoToTraining enables you to manage a stable and high-performance online training environment.2021-10-152017-01-26releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588gototraining
GoToWebinarCitrix GoToWebinar enables you to manage a stable and high-performance online webinar environment.2021-10-152017-03-01releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588gotowebinar
GratavidGratavid is a SaaS service that allows organizations to collect and send personalized videos.2021-10-152021-07-10releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588gratavid
Gravity Forms by reenhancedGravity Forms by reenhanced lets you connect your Gravity Forms submissions to your flows. Once you install the add-on into your Gravity Forms Wordpress site, you'll be able to have your form submissions trigger this connector.2021-10-202020-08-12releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592gravityformsbyreenhanced
GroupMgrA powerful set of tools, for both IT managers and users, to efficiently create, manage, browse and analyse all groups in your Microsoft 365 environment.2021-10-202020-09-12releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592groupmgr
Harness PDFxPDFx automates the extraction of data from complex and varied PDFs. It can extract and structure any data type, including point data, tables and forms, and images. Manage your extracted data within a personal or shared workspace before exporting it to your own systems. The connector provides an easy way to get your documents into your workspace.2021-08-182021-06-25releases/v1.0.1507\1.0.1507.2528harnesspdfx
HarvestHarvest is a simple tool to help track the time spent by your team on each project and task.2021-10-202017-01-26releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592harvest
Hashify (Independent Publisher)Hashify is a basic web application and public-accessible hashing API to generate hash digests of plain-text input or small file input to various output encodings such as hex, base32, and base64.2021-08-182021-08-18release-test-new\1.0.1299.2235hashify
Hashify (Independent Publisher)Hashify is a basic web application and public-accessible hashing API to generate hash digests of plain-text input or small file input to various output encodings such as hex, base32, and base64.2021-10-132021-08-20releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585hashifyip
HelloSignHelloSign enables secure electronic signatures that are business-caliber, easy-to-use and legally binding.2021-08-252017-01-21releases/v1.0.1509\1.0.1509.2535hellosign
HipChatHipChat is group chat, video chat and screen sharing tool for teams of all sizes. Built for business, HipChat is persistent, searchable and loaded with goodies your team will love.2021-10-202017-01-26releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592hipchat
HitHorizonsHitHorizons enables you to work with data of 75M+ European companies from 60 countries directly in your Microsoft products. Enrich you software with company data from various sources to provide you with a more complete and complex picture of the market, individual companies and their evolution over time.2021-10-202021-02-24releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592hithorizons
HotProfileHotProfile automates management of business card data conversion data.2021-10-202019-09-11releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592hotprofile
HouseRater QAConnect to the HouseRater QA Cloud to create, update, and subscribe to inspections for your rating company. Contact HouseRater at if you want to try using our system to improve your Energy Rating processes.2021-10-202020-04-24releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592houseraterqa
HR CloudHR Cloud is a powerful and globally recognized HRMS software for the entire employee lifecycle. User this connector to easily send employee information between HR Cloud and other systems you use.2021-10-272021-05-25releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598hrcloud is the 1st multi-layer AI powered API that brings intelligence to your HR Data and bridges the gap between all your data Sources and Destinations.2021-10-202021-03-17releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592hrflowai
HubSpot CMS (Independent Publisher)This connector is used to retrieve and make changes to HubSpot CMS. HubSpot CMS is a SaaS CMS designed to help businesses grow their web presence with a special emphasis on enabling marketers. It is designed to be used on business websites where non-technical content creators need to be able to build, measure, and iterate on content independently while working within design, style, and functionality. The content, lead collection, and analytics are also integrated with the HubSpot CRM.2021-10-132021-06-18releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585hubspotcms
HubSpot CRM (Independent Publisher)HubSpot CRM is a system for managing customer relationships and storing data. The CRM custom connector provides access to CRM objects or groups of objects, which are represented as a map of property names to values.2021-10-072021-07-13releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578hubspotcrm
HubSpot Marketing (Independent Publisher)This connector is used to retrieve and make changes to HubSpot Marketing. HubSpot Marketing helps you attract the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.2021-10-072021-06-18releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578hubspotmarketing
HuddleHuddle is a secure document collaboration and client portal trusted by Enterprise and Government alike.2021-10-202019-10-08releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592huddle
Huddle for US Gov & HealthcareUS GOVERNMENT & HEALTHCARE VERSION (Standard version is also available.) Huddle is a secure document collaboration and client portal trusted by Enterprise and Government alike.2021-10-282020-10-23releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596huddleforusgovhealth
Huddo BoardsHuddo Boards - Collaboration done right. A task management tool with multiple ways to enter and view the data, including textual, kanban, mindmap and timeline.2021-10-282021-02-26releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596huddoboards
HYAS InsightHYAS Insight integration to Microsoft Azure Sentinel provides direct, high volume access to HYAS Insight data. It enables investigators and analysts to understand and defend against cyber adversaries and their infrastructure.2021-11-172020-09-22releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618hyasinsight
IA-Connect Dynamic CodeIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for developing dynamic code modules.2021-09-152021-08-28releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556iaconnectdynamiccode
IA-Connect JavaIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for automating Java applications using the Java Access Bridge (JAB).2021-09-222021-08-28releases/v1.0.1517\1.0.1517.2563iaconnectjava
IA-Connect MainframeIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for automating 5250 and 3270 Mainframe sessions using Terminal Emulation applications that support the HLLAPI API.2021-09-152021-08-28releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556iaconnectmainframe
IA-Connect Microsoft OfficeIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for Microsoft Office automation.2021-09-152021-08-28releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556iaconnectmsoffice
IA-Connect SAP GUIIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for automating the SAP GUI application.2021-09-152021-08-28releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556iaconnectsapgui
IA-Connect SessionIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for automating the environment, session, file management and configuring IA-Connect.2021-09-152021-08-28releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556iaconnectsession
IA-Connect UIIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for Windows application User Interface Automation (UIA).2021-09-152021-08-28releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556iaconnectui
IA-Connect Web BrowserIA-Connect is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which adds RPA functionality from the Cloud to on-premises virtual machines or over Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) connections. This is the module for Web Browser automation.2021-09-152021-08-28releases/v1.0.1515\1.0.1515.2556iaconnectwebbrowser
icanhazdadjoke (Independent Publisher)With this connector you can get a random dad joke or search for a dad joke.2021-11-192021-11-19releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620icanhazdadjokeip
Icon Horse (Independent Publisher)Get any site's favicon with Icon Horse. Confidently use Icon Horse and get bulletproof favicons with fallbacks if no icon exists. Icon Horse scours any website for the perfect favicon to use. Not just any icon, but the best quality available.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596iconhorseip
ID AnalyzerID Analyzer provides several different identity verification products, you need to acquire basic knowledge of each product in order to choose the best solution for your application.2021-08-182021-04-23releases/v1.0.1507\1.0.1507.2528idanalyzer
IdeanoteIdeanote is the next-generation innovation software that has everything you need to collect, develop, prioritize and act on more of the right ideas.2021-11-172021-11-17release-test-new\1.0.1530.2607ideanote
Apache ImpalaApache Impala (incubating) is the open source, native analytic database for Apache Hadoop. Connect to your Impala database to read data from tables.2021-11-192017-08-30releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620impala
ImpexiumImpexium is the premier association management software solution for nonprofits and member-based organizations.2021-08-202020-10-28releases/v1.0.1508\1.0.1508.2530impexium
Imprezian360-CRMImprezian360 CRM All-In-One2021-10-282018-10-26releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596imprezian
IN-D Aadhaar Number MaskingEliminate risks and ensure compliance by redacting first 8 digits of Aadhaar Number and QR Code from Aadhaar images2021-10-282021-06-02releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596indaadhaarnm
IN-D Face MatchDetect human faces and match it against the photos from ID cards for identity verification process in onboarding. Multiple faces on the photo or No faces on the photo and photos taken in poor lighting conditions can be rejected at source for re-upload.2021-10-282021-07-09releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596indfacematch
IN-D Insurance (ICD10 & CPT)IN-D Insurance does ICD10 and CPT auto-coding by understanding the disease name and the respective diagnosis by extracting the information from the discharge summary uploaded without a need to set up any template.2021-10-132020-11-10releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585indinsurance
IN-D KYC IndiaClassify ID documents, and extracts useful attributes smartly leveraging on the power of AI. Works with most of the officially valid documents for vetting your customers making your onboarding fraud-proof and build trust.2021-10-282020-06-11releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596indkycindia
IN-D PayablesIN-D Payables process invoices to extract key attributes like invoice numbers, vendor name, etc., and the table line items without setting up a template. When it feels less confident about the extraction, it prompts the user to validate the results extracted with an intuitive UI. IN-D Payables continuously learn over time and does support stamped/crumpled invoices, multi-page invoices and multiple invoices in batches2021-10-282020-08-06releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596indpayables
Industrial App StoreThe Industrial App Store from Intelligent Plant is built on an architecture that enables cloud-based applications and services to interact with on-site Process Data Historians and Alarm & Event Logs. Use the Industrial App Store Connector to introduce plant data to your flows.2021-10-282020-03-19releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596industrialappstore
InfobipProvide SMS and VOICE communication channels for enterprises over Infobip platform to better their customer engagement.2021-10-282017-12-15releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596infobip
InformixMicrosoft Connector for Informix integrates Azure applications with resources stored in an IBM Informix database. Connector supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations.2021-11-192017-01-18releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620informix
InfoShareInfoShare is designed for use in businesses seeking to optimise the way they manage digital documents, information, binders and processes.2021-10-272021-01-22releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598infoshare
InfusionsoftInfusionsoft is sales and marketing automation software built exclusively for small business success.2021-10-272017-02-11releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598infusionsoft
InoreaderInoreader is a content reader built for power users. Use Inoreader to subscribe to feeds, read articles or catalogue them for viewing later.2021-10-272017-04-05releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598inoreader
InsightlyInsightly is the easiest customer relationship management solution (CRM) to use for managing deep customer relationships. Customers use Insightly's tightly integrated CRM & project management features to close new business, track post sale customer interactions & drive repeat purchases.2021-10-272016-10-22releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598insightly
InstapaperInstapaper is a tool for saving web pages to read later. You can create reading lists by organizing pages into folders which can then be accessed from any mobile or web client.2021-10-272016-10-22releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598instapaper
Integrable PDFIntegrable PDF is a connector to work with PDF documents. Actions include: watermark PDF documents, protect PDF documents with a password, merge and split PDF documents, and more. Check for documentation, examples and tutorials.2021-10-272019-09-11releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598integrablepdf
Integration ToolboxThe Integration Toolbox provides a set of operations which transform data in various ways.2021-09-172021-08-31releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558integrationtoolbox
intelliHRintelliHR is a cloud-based people management platform with advanced analytics capabilities. Connect to your intelliHR tenant to automate people-oriented workflows (such as onboarding) and data export.2021-08-272021-03-11releases/v1.0.1510\1.0.1510.2537intellihr
IntercomIntercom makes messaging apps for businesses that help them understand and talk to consumers.2021-10-272017-02-16releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598intercom
Azure IoT Central V2This is a legacy connector for Azure IoT Central V2 applications that will become deprecated in the future. You should use the Azure IoT Central V3 connector and applications instead. Azure IoT Central makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT devices at scale. With the IoT Central V2 connector, you can trigger flows when a rule has fired and take action by creating new devices, updating existing devices, and deleting devices.2020-07-072018-06-30releases/v1.0.1368\1.0.1368.2062iotcentral
IPQS Fraud and Risk ScoringIPQualityScore (IPQS) provides enterprise grade fraud prevention, risk analysis, and threat detection. Analyze IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs or domains to identify sophisticated bad actors and high risk behavior.2021-08-272021-07-31releases/v1.0.1510\1.0.1510.2537ipqsfraudandriskscor
ITGlue (Independent Publisher)ITGlue Connector can be used to create, retrieve, update, and delete data in your IT Glue account. This includes Configurations, Passwords and Flexible Assets2021-10-082021-10-08releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580itglue
JIRAJIRA is a software development tool for agile teams to plan, track, and release world-class software. Connecting JIRA issues to the rest of your tools helps break down barriers and unleash the potential of your team.2021-07-072017-01-26releases/v1.0.1491\1.0.1491.2479jira
JIRA Search (Independent Publisher)Jira is a powerful work management tool. This connector provides access to the v2 Jira issue search API which is not exposed using the built-in JIRA connector. You can searches for JIRA issues using JQL expressions. More information can be found at:\1.0.1525.2578jirasearch
JotFormJotForm is an online form service used to generate leads, distribute surveys, collect payments and more.2021-02-192017-06-01releases/v1.0.1443\1.0.1443.2340jotform
JotForm EnterpriseCreate powerful forms and surveys and embed them in your website with JotForm. Build custom workflows and connect additional apps to your Enterprise account.2021-06-112020-02-14releases/v1.0.1480\1.0.1480.2454jotformenterprise
JungleMail 365JungleMail for Office 365 is a service that helps companies deliver personalized newsletters to their employees and their customers and increase engagement. Connect to JungleMail 365 to create newsletters, approve them and get analytical data.2020-05-272019-10-11releases/v1.0.1353\1.0.1353.2014junglemail365
K2 WorkflowUse the K2 Workflow API service to remotely work with workflows and tasks.2020-12-092018-09-18releases/v1.0.1425\1.0.1425.2266k2workflow
Microsoft KaizalaMicrosoft Kaizala is a mobile app that helps you connect with your entire mobile workforce and supply chain, organize and allocate tasks more efficiently with built-in and custom Actions, and get actionable information and insights to accelerate decision-making.2021-10-272017-10-06releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598kaizala
KanbanizeThe Kanbanize connector allows you to create, update or move cards inside your Kanban boards, as well as to retrieve information about your boards and their structure. Other supported functions are adding comments or logging time on the cards.2021-10-272020-11-10releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598kanbanize
Kanban ToolKanban Tool is an intuitive project management service for real-time collaboration. By splitting work into stages, e.g. To do - Doing - Done, teams get a visual representation of the process and status of all tasks. Unlimited boards with swimlanes and WIP limits. In-depth customization of the layout, card template, and process automation. Task assignments and comments. Seamless time tracking & reporting. iOS and Android apps and much more!2021-08-062021-07-27releases/v1.0.1504\1.0.1504.2515kanbantool
Azure Key VaultAzure Key Vault is a service to securely store and access secrets.2021-11-182019-02-07releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619keyvault
kintoneBuild a faster business with kintone. Databases, apps, processes. No code required.2021-06-092018-01-12releases/v1.0.1479\1.0.1479.2452kintone
KnowledgeLakeIntegration with the KnowledgeLake Intelligent Content Automation Platform2021-10-272019-10-26releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598knowledgelake
Azure Data ExplorerAzure Data Explorer a.k.a Kusto is a log analytics cloud platform optimized for ad-hoc big data queries. Read more about it here:\1.0.1525.2578kusto is a SaaS platform that automate time-consuming manual tasks like tagging, prioritization and routing.AI that literally takes minutes to implement as you build your tags combining concepts visually instead of spending months using a traditional AI approach.2021-09-012021-06-30releases/v1.0.1511\1.0.1511.2542langai
Lasso XThis connector allows you to use the Lasso X API to retrieve information about the People, Companies and Production Units in the Danish CVR Registry. Requires an API Key from Lasso X. For more information, visit www.lassox.com2021-10-272021-03-06releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596lassox
LatinShare DocumentsThis connector provides a set of actions related to Docx, HTML and PDF documents. You can create documents from templates (DOCX or HTML files) and convert them to PDF. Visit the official site for more information\1.0.1533.2600latinsharedocuments
LatinShare SHP ManagementThis connector provides a set of SharePoint-related actions. For example, document, folder, list and site management. You can copy, move and delete documents and folders, delete subsites, and enable version control on lists via URL. Visit the official site for more information\1.0.1533.2600latinshareshpmanagement
LatinShare SHP PermissionsThis connector provides a set of actions related to SharePoint Online. For example, manage permissions for items, lists, and sites. You can grant permissions to specific users or groups, remove permissions to specific users or groups, remove all permissions, and restore permission inheritance for SharePoint resources. Visit the official site for more information\1.0.1533.2600latinshareshppermissions
Launch Library 2 (Independent Publisher)The Launch Library 2 API is a product by The Space Devs with an up-to-date database of Spaceflight events. While this API is free to use it is subject to rate limiting for non-authenticated requests.2021-11-032021-11-03releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605launchlibrary2ip
LawliftLawlift is a company focused on document automation. The editor, which has become known for its ease of use, has won several awards. Customers are large and medium-sized companies, numerous big law firms, legal departments and notary offices. For more information visit : .2021-10-292021-07-09releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600lawlift
LeadDeskLeadDesk offers cloud service for high-volume sales and customer-service. LeadDesk helps contact center agents close more by connecting the right person, with the right offer, through the right channel at the right time. Connect to LeadDesk and perform various actions to manage your leads, contacts and agents.2021-10-292019-05-24releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600leaddesk
LeanKitHelping teams work together to deliver customer value, faster.2021-11-122017-02-17releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613leankit
LegalBot AI ToolsProvides API access to Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Machine Translation and more. Specially designed AI and NLP functions for legal industry2021-10-292020-10-14releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600legalbotaitools
Lettria GDPR ComplianceLettria GDPR Compliance helps your organization comply to GDPR by analyzing text data within your softwares and points outs compliance issues (such as personal data, offensive or subjective comments and more).2021-10-292020-12-08releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600lettriagdprcompliance
LibreBor (Independent Publisher)Librebor allows you to retrieve specific company details from the Spanish Register, information such as adquisitions, incorporations, NIF validation and more2021-11-172021-10-15releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618libreborip
LIFXLIFX make Wi-Fi-enabled LED smart lighting. Deep colors, bright whites, and unique features, effects and integrations make for Smarter Light. Use this connector to control your LIFX.2021-10-292020-04-24releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600lifx
LinkedInAmplify your content's reach by easily sharing on LinkedIn.2021-10-292017-09-09releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600linkedin
LinkedIn V2Amplify your content's reach by easily sharing on LinkedIn. The connector targets LinkedIn API version 2.2021-09-242019-05-14releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564linkedinv2
LINK MobilityLINK Mobility provides a SMS text message gateway that can be used to send SMS messages as part of business flows. To use the connector, you must contact LINK Mobility support to purchase a service subscription and obtain login information.2021-11-032020-08-13releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605linkmobility
LiveChatLiveChat is an online customer service software with live support, help desk software and web analytics capabilities.2021-11-032017-04-08releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605livechat
LiveTiles BotsLet people focus on the work that matters most. Automate mundane, repetitive tasks. Create personal, team, enterprise and external assistants with a range of abilities. This connector allows LiveTiles Bots customers to easily connect a flow to their bot, in order to allow users to trigger the flow through a Conversational User Interface.2021-11-032019-06-22releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605livetilesbots
LMS365LMS365 provides a modern, cloud based and secure learning management system, fit for the Modern Digital Workplace. It eliminates complexity by providing a complete learning solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing Office 365 and SharePoint environments. LMS365 is easy accessible from your browser, our intuitive mobile app or from Microsoft Teams enabling all companies to deliver training in any context, anytime, anywhere.2021-11-032018-07-14releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605lms365
Loripsum (Independent Publisher) has an API to generate placeholder text. Sometimes you need lists, headings, long paragraphs, etc. uses the full text of Cicero's "De finibus bonorum et malorum" to make sure you get a different placeholder text every single time.2021-11-052021-11-05releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607loripsumip
LUISAzure cognitive services language understanding intelligent service (LUIS) lets you understand language contextually, so your apps communicate with people in the way they speak.2021-11-032017-01-27releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605luis
Microsoft 365 message centerSync messages from the message center in Microsoft 365 admin center to a plan in Microsoft Planner. Note: Setup of this connector will fail unless it is initiated from within Microsoft 365 message center.2021-07-072020-04-30releases/v1.0.1491\1.0.1491.2479m365messagecenter
MagentoMagento provides eCommerce platforms & cloud solutions. Connect to Magento to retrieve orders and send updates.2021-10-072021-10-07release-test-new\1.0.1515.2566magento
MailboxValidator (Independent Publisher)MailboxValidator API is easy to integrate and use for email validation. Validate and clean your email list by detecting disposable emails, invalid emails, mail server and much more.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596mailboxvalidatorip
MailChimpMailChimp is a SaaS service that allows businesses to manage and automate email marketing activities, including sending marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns.2021-06-112016-10-13releases/v1.0.1480\1.0.1480.2454mailchimp
MailParserExtract data from emails & automate your workflow with our powerful email parser software. Convert emails to Excel, parse leads from emails, and more.2021-11-032018-04-27releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605mailparser
MandrillMandrill is a transactional email API for MailChimp users. It's reliable, powerful, and ideal for sending data driven emails, including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages.2021-06-092016-10-13releases/v1.0.1479\1.0.1479.2452mandrill
Marketing Content HubMarketing Content Hub by Stylelabs integrates and blends boundaries between traditional marketing silos. It provides an integrated solution for Digital asset management (DAM), Product information management (PIM), Marketing resource management (MRM), Web to Print, Marketing portal and Digital rights management (DRM).2021-11-032018-03-23releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605marketingcontenthub
MarketoMarketo is a marketing automation platform that enables marketers to manage personalized multi-channel programs and campaigns to prospects and customers.2021-11-032017-10-31releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605marketo
Mavim-iMproveWith the Mavim connector you are able to build a digital twin of your organization by visualizing the relationships among people, process and technology and creates a map of business operations to help you monitor change, measure impact, and make informed business decisions to help you reach your destination. Our cloud software makes use of open standards for integration with third party applications, enabling simple adoption into any company’s technology stack.2021-11-052021-04-28releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607mavimimprove
MedalliaMedallia Experience Cloud is a customer feedback management software platform that empowers organizations to improve the customer experience. Connect with Medallia to manage your experience data. You can perform various actions such as send invitations, send experience signals, receive voice of customer data, etc.2021-11-052021-02-03releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607medallia
MediumMedium is a vibrant network of thinkers who care about the world and making it better. Connect to your Medium account to track new publications, write stories and more.2021-11-052017-01-26releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607medium
MeetingRoomMapSearch and display images for locations. Use admin site to upload images/floorplans and map rooms, people and other locations to these images. Use this connector to search and display the mapped locations. Operations exists for each of the location types: Meeting rooms, people and custom locations.2021-11-052020-08-06releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607meetingroommap
Mensagia (Independent Publisher)Mensagia offer reliable SMS, Email and Voice for business automation communication.2021-11-122021-11-12releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613mensagiaip
MetataskMetatask is a simple tool to organize and control internal processes that lets normal users quickly build and execute business workflows.2021-11-052017-11-17releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607metatask
MicroblinkMicroblink's AI-powered technology eliminates the need to type in personal data from identity documents. Use Microblink Connector as an API proxy for BlinkID Web API SaaS to get four different actions that extract data from identity documents.2021-04-072020-07-10release-test-new\1.0.1299.2123microblink
Microsoft 365 Apps HealthThe Microsoft 365 Apps Health dashboard helps you keep your Office apps up to date by providing visibility into how they are performing on your client devices and offering guidance to help optimize and troubleshoot arising issues.2021-11-052021-07-02releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607microsoft365appshealth
Microsoft 365 complianceThe Microsoft 365 compliance center is home to integrated solutions for protecting and governing data, mitigating risks, and more. Simplify tasks across these solutions so you can focus on your compliance posture.2021-11-032020-09-22releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605microsoft365compliance
Microsoft D365CE v9 OnPrem (Independent Publisher)Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE v9 Web API for interacting with on-premises D365 CE data from cloud D365 CE2021-10-292021-10-29releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600microsoftd365cev9ip
Power Automate for AdminsPower Automate Management Connector for Administrators2021-11-032018-08-17releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605microsoftflowforadmins
Microsoft FormsMicrosoft Forms is a new part of Office 365 Education that allows teachers and students to quickly and easily create custom quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations and more.2021-11-192017-05-23releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620microsoftforms
Dynamics 365 Customer VoiceUse Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to quickly create and send customized surveys to keep in close contact with your customers. View responses in automatically generated reports that highlight important trends and flag outlier scores for immediate attention. Track the customer metrics that matter the most to your business to make informed decisions.2021-11-052018-11-15releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607microsoftformspro
Microsoft Graph SecurityThe Microsoft Graph Security connector helps to connect different Microsoft and partner security products and services, using a unified schema, to streamline security operations, and improve threat protection, detection, and response capabilities. Learn more about integrating with the Microsoft Graph Security API at\1.0.1535.2607microsoftgraphsecurity
Microsoft School Data SyncSimplify class management in Office 365. School Data Sync reads rosters from your SIS and creates classes and groups for Microsoft Teams, Intune for Education, and third party applications. Connect to School Data Sync to upload school and roster information, manage your sync profile.2021-11-052018-08-08releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607microsoftschooldatasync
MittoThe Mitto connector enables apps to send enterprise grade SMS. Use it to send alerts, reminders, invites, marketing messages or any other kind of short message. We provide you a fast and reliable service which also brings you high conversion rates!2021-11-102019-09-17releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611mitto enables Apps to send global SMS2021-11-102019-02-22releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611mobilyws
ModuleQModuleQ's proactive AI technology equips you for success. Use the ModuleQ to trigger notifications when new recommendations are available. More details at (requires existing ModuleQ account).2021-11-102019-09-19releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611moduleq
MotaWord TranslationsYou can now professionally translate your documents or any other kind of content with MotaWord connector. We support many content/file types into 95+ languages with 18000+ professional translators. We are everywhere you are! Check our website and mobile apps to track your translatiosn in real-time.2021-11-102020-06-11releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611motawordtranslations
MotimateMotimate is the result of more than 10 years of working with some of Scandinavias largest companies in improving their internal communication, increasing their sales and refining their employee training. We provide an award winning SAAS-solution making internal communication and corporate training fun and easy. Read more about Motimate on\1.0.1536.2611motimate
MSG91 for SMS Text & VoiceAPI for SMS Text, Email & Voice. MSG91 delivers over 1 Billion SMS text messages every month. Trusted by 5,000+ companies2020-06-232020-06-23release-test-new\1.0.1299.1954msg91forsmstextvoice
MSN WeatherMSN Weather gets you the very latest weather forecast, including temperature, humidity, precipitation for your location.2021-10-282017-01-26releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596msnweather
Mtarget SMSWith MTarget SMS, send and receive text messages: alerts, notifications, marketing messages...2021-11-102019-07-16releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611mtarget
Muhimbi PDFConvert, Merge, Watermark, Secure and OCR files.2021-11-102017-03-17releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611muhimbi
MySQLMySQL is an open-source relational database management system. Connect to on-premise MySQL database to read and write data.2021-10-292017-06-09releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600mysql
myStrom (Independent Publisher)myStrom is a Swiss company producing smart home devices. With this connector it is possible to control myStrom devices over the REST API.2021-10-082021-10-08releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580mystromip
NetDocumentsNetDocuments is a cloud content management service for businesses of all sizes to securely create, store, manage and share their document work anywhere, anytime.2021-11-102018-08-10releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611netdocuments
New York Times (Independent Publisher)The New York Times allows anyone to search articles by keyword, date, section, and popularity. This connector allows a user to pull this data into their app, flow, or report.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596newyorktimesip
NexmoNexmo, the Vonage API Platform, enables you to add communications within the context of your applications, including SMS, Voice and Chat. Sign up for a Nexmo account here -\1.0.1521.2572nexmo
NextcomConnect your application data flow to Nextcom to optimize sales and customer management.2021-10-132021-10-07releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585nextcom
NitroGet your documents signed smarter, faster and more securely with Nitro Sign - without the need for paper or pen.2021-11-102020-08-19releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611nitro
Notiivy Browser NotificationsNotiivy is a browser notification service allowing you to engage and communicate with users and customers without exhausting your email channel.2021-11-122020-08-01releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613notiivybrowsernotif
Notion (Independent Publisher)Notion connector use the API to access Notion's pages, databases, and users.2021-10-152021-10-15releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588notionip
nps.todayThe connector allows you to send out customer satisfaction and NPS surveys based on events in your own system and to get your own system notified whenever a new response or survey campaign member is added.2021-08-272021-06-26releases/v1.0.1510\1.0.1510.2537npstoday
Objective ConnectObjective Connect is the trusted file sharing platform which allows organisation to share sensitive documents with external parties. Users can create private workspaces and invite participants in the Cloud in a matter of seconds. The collaboration, reporting, security and compliance features allow governments and regulated industries the ability to work externally while having peace of mind.2021-11-122019-11-01releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613objectiveconnect
OccuspaceThe Occuspace connector provides real-time and historical occupancy data for Occuspace-enabled locations. Show how many people are in your space in real-time and learn from past trends to let people know when to expect busy times.2021-11-122020-12-12releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613occuspace
Office 365 OutlookMicrosoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization's needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity.2021-11-252016-10-13releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2621office365
Office 365 GroupsOffice 365 Groups lets you manage group membership and calendar events in your organization using your Office 365 account. You can perform various actions such as get group roster, add or remove members and create group events.2021-11-172017-09-21releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618office365groups
Office 365 Groups MailThe Office 365 Groups Mail connector allows users to work with data located in a Office 365 Group mailbox. The functionality in this connector works independently from a single user's personal mailbox and allows users to work with any Group they can access within their organization. The connector works off the Microsoft Graph API, and uses terminology specified in a Office 365 Groups documentation within the Graph API. Learn more in the connector documentation.2021-10-132020-05-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585office365groupsmail
Office 365 UsersOffice 365 Users Connection provider lets you access user profiles in your organization using your Office 365 account. You can perform various actions such as get your profile, a user's profile, a user's manager or direct reports and also update a user profile.2021-10-132016-10-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585office365users
Office 365 VideoVideo for Office 365 offers a highly scalable, easy-to-use portal for uploading and sharing your corporate videos2021-11-192016-10-14releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620office365video
OneBlinkEmpowers business users to create and deploy digital forms for enterprise and government organisations as web and native apps, while allowing developers to customise, extend, or harness the forms through their own custom apps. Connect your forms with this connector to allow easy submission of your form data into your backend systems or databases without the need to write complex integration code.2021-09-082018-11-16releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549oneblink
OneNote (Business)OneNote is a note taking app from Microsoft that makes it easy to sync your ideas, sketches and notes across all your devices! Connect to your Office 365 account with OneDrive for Business enabled to track new sections, create notes and more.2021-10-082017-01-07releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580onenote
OpenCage Geocoding (Independent Publisher)The OpenCage Geocoding provides reverse (latitude/longitude to text) and forward (text to latitude/longitude) geocoding2021-10-152021-10-15releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588opencagegeocodingip
OpenText Core Share by One FoxEmpower OpenText Core Share as the primary repository for all things content related. Together with the OpenText Core Share Power Platform Connector by One Fox you can streamline content processes across a widespread application landscape and limit information silos.2021-11-172021-11-10releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618opentextcoreshare
OpenText Content Server by One FoxEmpower OpenText Content Server (CS) as the primary repository for all things content related. Together with the OpenText Content Server Power Platform Connector by One Fox you can streamline content processes across a widespread application landscape and limit information silos.2021-11-122020-03-12releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613opentextcsbyonefox
OpenText eDOCS by One FoxEmpower OpenText eDOCS as the primary repository for all things content related. Together with the OpenText eDOCS Power Platform Connector by One Fox you can streamline content processes across a widespread application landscape and limit information silos.2021-08-102020-06-04releases/v1.0.1505\1.0.1505.2520opentextedocsbyonefox
OptiAPIThe official api for OptiAPI, which connects countless of everyday actions with Power Automate.2021-11-122020-02-11releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613optiapi
Oracle DatabaseOracle Database is a relational database management system developed by Oracle. Connect to on-premise Oracle Database to perform various actions such as create, update, get, and delete on rows in a table.2021-11-182017-02-24releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611oracle
ORB Intelligence (Independent Publisher)Orb provides with a framework of API calls to use the Orb database for various use cases. The framework comprises five calls, Match, Fetch, Search, Lookalike and Corporate Tree.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1532\1.0.1532.2598orbintelligenceip
Ordnance Survey PlacesThe OS Places API provides a detailed view of an address and its life cycle. It contains all the records of AddressBase Premium and so provides all the information relating to an address or property from creation to retirement. It contains local authority, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail addresses, current addresses, and alternatives for current addresses, provisional addresses (such as planning developments) and historic information.2021-11-122021-04-14releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613ordnancesurveyplaces
Otto.botOtto is an easy-to-train chatbot which answers questions and automates the tasks you need done, while never forgetting, never leaving the organization, and working 24/7/365 to help you get more accomplished every single day. AI and automation solutions allow you to get more tasks done every day with more productivity, lower costs, without the constraint of time.2021-11-122020-05-05releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613ottobot connector allows you to manage your mail, calendars, and contacts. You can perform various actions such as send mail, schedule meetings, add contacts, etc.2021-11-032016-10-13releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605outlook
Outlook TasksOutlook Tasks service lets you create, read, synchronize, update and delete your tasks that are secured by Azure Active Directory in Office 365 or a Microsoft account.2021-02-262017-01-19releases/v1.0.1445\1.0.1445.2347outlooktasks
PagerDutyPagerDuty is an agile incident management platform that integrates with IT Ops and DevOps monitoring stacks to improve operational reliability and agility for organizations.2021-11-172016-10-22releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618pagerduty
PanvivaPanviva is an omnichannel knowledge management solution. Our priority is to aid our clients in keeping their employees happy, so that they can focus on ensuring their customers are happy. Digitally transforming organisations for the last 20 years, we're now helping our customers to deliver knowledge nuggets to their employees and customers, whether they are in the home or the office - anytime and anywhere.2021-11-172020-10-31releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618panviva
ParserrParserr allows you extract data from recurring incoming emails and Excel, CSV and PDF attachments2021-11-172017-05-13releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618parserr
ParseurExtract structured data trapped in your emails. Then send it to your favorite application.2021-11-172018-10-19releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618parseur
Partner Center EventsThis connector allows Microsoft partners to register for specific resource change events related to Microsoft partner center referrals.2021-11-172019-12-04releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618partnercenterevents
Partner Center ReferralsPartner center referrals connector will help Microsoft partners to get a bidirectional sync between their CRM instances and partner center referrals system.2021-11-172019-11-23releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618partnercenterref
PaylocityPaylocity develops industry-leading, cloud-based payroll and human capital management software solutions for medium-sized organizations. Use this connector to create events triggered by actions initiated in Paylocity payroll and HCM applications. Contact Paylocity to obtain access credentials to set up your Office 365 integration.2021-11-172017-04-25releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618paylocity
PDF4mePDF4me gives you all functionalities around PDF, e.g. convert, merge, split, make Pdf/A compatible, optimize, protect, unlock, do OCR, create watermarks, get thumbnails, rotate, attach barcodes.2021-11-172019-03-21releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618pdf4me
PDF4me ConnectPDF4me Connect is a simple and powerful way to create, edit, manipulate and manage PDFs. It comes loaded with features like Convert, Merge, Split, Make Pdf/A compatible, Optimize, Protect, Unlock, Convert with OCR, Create Watermarks, Get Thumbnails, Rotate, Attach Barcodes, Convert html/md/url to PDF, and Merge Overlay.2021-11-172020-12-19releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618pdf4meconnect
PDF4me SwissQRPDF4me SwissQR gives you functionalities like create SwissQR bill on your PDF document, split by SwissQR Code and Read SwissQR Code as Json on your PDF file.2021-11-172020-11-07releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2618pdf4meswissqr
PDF BlocksPDF Blocks is a secure, reliable, and fast service to work with PDF documents in your flow. Actions include: Merge PDF documents, add or remove passwords, watermark documents, remove, extract, reverse, and rotate pages, and more. Check for documentation, examples, and tutorials. Users can choose to process their PDF documents in US or European servers to comply with data location requirements.2021-11-192020-07-24releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620pdfblocks
Peltarion AIUsing this connector, you can connect your app with your Peltarion models. Just add the connector and enter URL and token from the Peltarion platform, and send your data2021-11-192020-09-24releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620peltarion
Pilot ThingsPilot Things is a platform to manage, visualize, automate and integrate your IoT device fleet.2021-11-192021-02-10releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620pilotthings
PinterestPinterest allows you to create a bulletin of photos called a Board. You can follow boards, add pins to existing ones or collaborate with people to build shared boards.2021-11-192016-10-22releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620pinterest
PipedrivePipedrive is a CRM & pipeline management tool that helps you focus on actions that matter.2021-11-192017-02-07releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620pipedrive
PIPware KPIsThis connector allows you to save KPI Target or KPI Actual data to your PIPware instance. This is more efficient than capturing the data into PIPware manually. Commonly used data sources are Excel or SQL, but any source returning data in the expected format can be used.2021-11-192020-06-03releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620pipwarekpis
Pitney Bowes Data ValidationPitney Bowes Data Validation Services helps eliminate errors in data and improve customer experience. It makes communication easier, faster and effortless by enriching customer details, keeping it up-to-date and maintaining its accuracy and consistency. To learn more, visit the documentation page:\1.0.1539.2620pitneybowes
Pivotal TrackerPivotal Tracker is purpose-built to make it easy for you to convert an idea into a set of stories that you can prioritize, assign, and manage through completion.2021-11-192017-03-04releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620pivotaltracker
PlannerMicrosoft Planner lets you easily bring together teams, tasks, documents, and conversations for better results.2021-09-082017-05-06releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549planner
PlivoPlivo enables sending and receiving SMS & voice calls globally for businesses of all sizes.2021-11-192017-07-11releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620plivo
Plumsail DocumentsGenerate documents from DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML templates, and populate fillable PDF forms. Automate your contracts, invoices, reports, tickets, and more. Find more information at site\1.0.1516.2558plumsail
Plumsail FormsThis API allows you to process Plumsail Forms submissions and their attachments.2021-10-272018-01-13release-test-new\1.0.1530.2595plumsailforms
Plumsail HelpDeskThe API allows interact with Plumsail HelpDesk ticketing system. Visit for more information.2021-09-172018-12-08releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558plumsailhelpdesk
Plumsail SPThis connector provides a set of SharePoint related actions. For example, permissions, documents, folders, document sets management. Visit official site for more information\1.0.1517.2563plumsailsp
PokaThe Poka connector contains a list of triggers that allow you to interact with the data in your application.2021-05-212020-07-22releases/v1.0.1474\1.0.1474.2433poka
Polaris PSAPolaris PSA is a self-driving professional services automation solution that uses advanced technology to analyze real-time data, and then delivers recommendations to help keep projects, resources, and finances on track. The connector allows you to continuously sync projects, tasks, and resource assignments from Project Online to Polaris and time data from Polaris to Project Online.2021-10-202021-09-28releases/v1.0.1530\1.0.1530.2592polarispsa
PoliteMailMeasure results with powerful email metrics, including opens, read-time and click through rates plus valuable analytics to help you gain the insights you need to improve your communications.2020-08-052018-06-12releases/v1.0.1380\1.0.1380.2095politemail
PostgreSQLPostgreSQL is a relational database management system developed by PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Connect to on-premise PostgreSQL database to read data from tables.2021-11-242017-06-09releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600postgresql
Powell TeamsPowell Teams API endpoints allows you to manage the governance of your teams (creation / update of your teams).2021-07-082021-03-17releases/v1.0.1492\1.0.1492.2484powellteams
Power Apps for AdminsPower Apps Management Connector for Administrators2021-11-032018-08-17releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605powerappsforadmins
Power Apps for MakersPower Apps Management Connector for Makers2021-11-032018-08-17releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605powerappsforappmakers
Power Apps Notification V2Send push notifications to apps created with Power Apps, Field Service, and Sales. Trigger them from Flows or other apps.2021-06-162020-10-09releases/v1.0.1481\1.0.1481.2460powerappsnotificationv2
Power BIPower BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Connect to get easy access to the data in your Power BI dashboards, reports and datasets.2021-11-112017-01-20releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611powerbi
Power Form 7Power Form 7 connects Contact Form 7 to your flows. Once you install and configure the Power Form 7 WordPress plugin, all of your forms will be available as triggers or for submission.2020-10-212020-10-14releases/v1.0.1409\1.0.1409.2193powerform7
Power Platform for AdminsPower Platform Management Connector provides access to environment lifecycle management capabilities, DLP policy management, and other admin capabilities provided in the BAP API.2021-11-032018-08-17releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605powerplatformforadmins
Power Virtual AgentsPower Virtual Agents allows you to create conversational experiences that offer support by easily building powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface—all without needing data scientists or developers. Connect to allow your bot to execute your own custom flows.2021-04-232021-02-10releases/v1.0.1464\1.0.1464.2404powervirtualagents
Priority MatrixPriority Matrix creates a central source of truth to coordinate all the work your team needs to do. Prioritize all your work, share with your team and focus on the high-impact tasks first. Connect now to manage your tasks automatically.2020-10-162019-12-05releases/v1.0.1408\1.0.1408.2186prioritymatrix
Project OnlineProject Online is a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work from Microsoft. Delivered through Office 365, Project Online enables organizations to get started quickly with powerful project management capabilities to plan, prioritize, and manage projects and project portfolio investments-from almost anywhere on almost any device.2021-04-282016-10-26releases/v1.0.1465\1.0.1465.2409projectonline
ProjectplaceGet work done across projects and teams. Projectplace lets you plan, collaborate and track progress of all projects and assignments in an easy and user-friendly way.2021-06-022021-01-05releases/v1.0.1477\1.0.1477.2445projectplace
Project RoadmapProject Roadmap Connector2021-06-112018-08-18releases/v1.0.1480\1.0.1480.2454projectroadmap
Projectum Present ItFill data dynamically into your documents. Get a trial key here by filling in the form:\1.0.1355.2020projectum
Projectwise ShareProjectWise Share is an instantly available, easy to configure File Sharing Service that’s associated with a CONNECT Project. It provides CONNECT Edition applications, Cloud Services and Mobile applications the ability to save and / or consume files from a common cloud repository and CONNECTED Users an easy, secure way to share files with Team Members.2021-08-182019-01-18releases/v1.0.1507\1.0.1507.2528projectwiseshare
Public 360Public 360 is a market leading ECM system in the Nordics. The Public 360 connector enables users to create flows that archive cases, documents and files into Public 360. The Public 360 connector will enable users to archive more and easier! That includes archiving social media posts, Outlook items or OneDrive documents.2021-04-232020-12-09releases/v1.0.1464\1.0.1464.2404public360
PUG Gamified EngagementThe PUG Gamified Engagement Connector for Dynamics 365 enables the first phase of a comprehensive and personalized gamified engagement program for driving customer loyalty. This app comes with out-of-the-box integration into D365 and enables D365 platform customers to create users within a loyalty framework, generate badges based on digital actions, and issue currency for answering calls to action.2021-08-182021-06-16releases/v1.0.1507\1.0.1507.2528puggamifiedengagement
Pure LeadsPure Leads helps capture, track, distribute and manage your leads with ease. Grow faster with our scalable lead generation software.2020-07-072020-06-20releases/v1.0.1368\1.0.1368.2062pureleads
PushcutPushcut is an app for iOS that lets you create smart notifications to kick off shortcuts, URLs, and online automations.2020-04-212019-10-10releases/v1.0.1337\1.0.1337.1973pushcut
RAPID PlatformRAPID Platform enables the creation of customised application for your business by allowing you to capture data, run workflows and create Power BI Dashboards. With the RAPID Platform connector you can unlock hundreds of integrations as well as more automation options to take your RAPID solution to the next level.2021-08-252021-05-21releases/v1.0.1509\1.0.1509.2535rapidplatform
Recorded FutureRecorded Future Connector enables access to the Recorded Future Intelligence. The connector has dedicated actions for pulling Recorded Future indicators (IP, Domain, URL, Hash) and associated context (Risk Score, Risk Rules, Intelligence Card Link and Related Entities) , Vulnerabilities, Recorded Future Alerts and enables access to Recorded Future SOAR API and Fusion Files2020-09-112020-06-20releases/v1.0.1394\1.0.1394.2139recordedfuture
Recorded Future V2Recorded Future Connector enables access to the Recorded Future Intelligence. The connector has dedicated actions for pulling Recorded Future indicators (IP, Domain, URL, Hash) and associated context (Risk Score, Risk Rules, Intelligence Card Link and High Confidence Evidence Based Links), Vulnerabilities, Recorded Future Alerts and enables access to Recorded Future SOAR API and Fusion Files2021-11-172021-10-08release-test-new\1.0.1530.2607recordedfuturev2
RedmineRedmine is a web based tool for software project management.2021-04-152017-01-26releases/v1.0.1461\1.0.1461.2397redmine
RegoLink for Clarity PPMRegoLink Clarity PPM connector that allows organizations to integrate with Clarity PPM to read and load data through a robust mechanism of actions and validations2021-04-152019-05-08releases/v1.0.1461\1.0.1461.2397regolink
Rencore CodeAnalyze SharePoint applications using Rencore Code2020-05-192018-10-13releases/v1.0.1351\1.0.1351.2005rencore
Rencore GovernanceRencore Governance helps you to automate managing your Office 365 tenant.2020-10-092020-01-28releases/v1.0.1405\1.0.1405.2174rencoregovernance
Rencore OversightRencore Oversight helps you to automate managing your Office 365 tenant.2020-01-162020-01-16release-test-new\1.0.1299.1852rencoreoversight
RepliconReplicon is a self-driving professional services automation solution that uses advanced technology to analyze real-time data, and then delivers recommendations to help keep projects, resources, and finances on track. The connector allows you to continuously sync projects, tasks, and resource assignments from Project Online to Replicon and time data from Replicon to Project Online.2021-11-192021-11-19release-test-new\1.0.1530.2608replicon
Resco CloudResco Cloud is an all-in-one business solution that is highly customizable, secure, feature-rich and 100% offline-ready.2021-03-312021-03-05releases/v1.0.1457\1.0.1457.2379rescocloud
ReversingLabs IntelligenceReversingLabs continually processes goodware and malware files providing early intelligence about attacks before they infiltrate customer infrastructures. This visibility to threats “in-the-wild” enables preparation for new attacks and quickly identifies the threat levels of new files as they arrive. ReversingLabs enables more effective and efficient threat identification, development of better threat intelligence, and implementation of proactive threat hunting programs.2021-03-242020-10-01releases/v1.0.1455\1.0.1455.2373reversinglabsintelligence
RiskIQ Digital FootprintRiskIQ Digital Footprint for Microsoft enables security teams to take control of their attack surface, reducing their risk and creating a better defense. The RiskIQ Digital Footprint connector for Microsoft will automatically make your external asset inventory including asset metadata available to your team for automated operations. Use this data to build reports, trigger alerts or aid in the identification of vulnerabilities or exposures against your assets.2021-07-282021-02-03releases/v1.0.1501\1.0.1501.2506riskiqdigitalfootprint
RiskIQRiskIQ Security Intelligence Services provides direct, high volume access to RiskIQ data, allowing mature customers the ability to use this data to defend against threats to their environment.2020-06-162020-04-01releases/v1.0.1360\1.0.1360.2036riskiqintelligence
RiskIQ IlluminateRiskIQ Illuminate reveals cyber threats relevant to your critical assets through connected digital relationships. It is the only security intelligence solution with tailored attack surface intelligence to uncover exposures, risks, and threats against your unique digital footprint, pinpointing what’s relevant to you—all in one place.2021-10-152021-03-25releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588riskiqpassivetotal
RobolytixRobolytix is the key online analytic and monitoring tool for Robotic Process Automation using Sonar technology to evaluate, audit, monitor and improve performance of robots operating in any application, RPA platform or custom solution. Manage your RPA projects effectively with exact KPIs. Visualise your whole process at one place.2020-12-102019-12-10releases/v1.0.1425\1.0.1425.2266robolytix
Robots for Power BIPowerBI Robots connector to execute the internal API across the multiple Power Platform products2021-11-122021-11-04releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613robotsforpowerbi
r/SpaceX (Independent Publisher)r/SpaceX is an open Source REST API for SpaceX launch, rocket, core, capsule, Starlink, launchpad, and landing pad data. r/SpaceX is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX), or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The names SpaceX as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.2021-10-132021-10-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585rspacexip
RSSRSS is a popular web syndication format used to publish frequently updated content – like blog entries and news headlines. Many content publishers provide an RSS feed to allow users to subscribe to it. Use the RSS connector to retrieve feed information and trigger flows when new items are published in an RSS feed.2021-11-192016-10-13releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620rss
Common Data Service (experimental)Provides access to the org-based database on the Microsoft Common Data Service. This experimental connector adds support for entity based relationships within expressions. Needs the same “Environment id” as the normal Common Data Service connector to access the database.2019-06-122017-09-23runtimeservice-experimental
iAuditoriAuditor is the world's most popular inspection checklist app. SafetyCulture is iAuditor's cloud based backup and management system. Manage all your inspection teams and analyse data collected from the field. iAuditor and SafetyCulture give you real-time visibility across your entire operation.2021-05-122017-10-13releases/v1.0.1471\1.0.1471.2424safetyculture
Sage100cloud-VenteFrench Sage 100cloud connector for Sales2019-10-302019-10-12release-test\1.0.1138.1613sage100cloud
Sage100cloudComptaFrench Sage 100cloud connector for Accounting2020-01-032020-01-03master\1.0.1299.1845sage100cloudcompta
Sage100cloudVenteFrench Sage 100cloud connector for Sales2020-01-032020-01-03master\1.0.1299.1845sage100cloudvente
SAP ERPSAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software developed by SAP SE. SAP ERP incorporates the key business functions of an organization. The SAP ERP connector for Power Automate and Power Apps allows you to invoke RFC and BAPI functions using on-premises data gateway.2021-10-292019-07-11releases/v1.0.1533\1.0.1533.2600saperp
SAS DecisioningSAS Decisioning combines AI and business rules to automate operational decisions at scale. Use this connector to run decision models that are deployed on the SAS Viya platform.2021-07-142020-12-10releases/v1.0.1495\1.0.1495.2491sasdecisioning
Scrive eSignScrive, the Nordic market leader for electronic signatures, offers a growing suite of solutions for document workflows requiring e-signing and identity verification.2021-03-052019-10-11releases/v1.0.1449\1.0.1449.2354scriveesign
SECIBThe SECIB connector allows SECIB users to automate their workflow. For instance, you can trigger a worklflow when a new case file is created in SECIB neo.2021-11-102021-10-13release-test-new\1.0.1530.2602secib
Secplugs ScanSecplugs Scan for scanning Emails content, files contents and Urls, Secplugs scan is a platform which creates hybrid security platform using various security provider2021-08-182021-06-25releases/v1.0.1507\1.0.1507.2528secplugscan
Secure Code Warrior (Independent Publisher)This Secure Code Warrior( connector provides programmatic access to the learning platform. Secure Code Warrior makes secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers as they increase their software security skills. With our flagship Learning Platform, we guide each coder along their own preferred learning pathway, so that security-skilled developers become the everyday superheroes of our connected world.2021-10-082021-08-12releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580securecodewarrior
Secure Message DeliveryDataMotion, Inc. specializes in secure data exchange APIs, allowing companies to integrate secure message and file exchange solutions into their existing workflows and save development time. Following security protocol can be time-consuming, but DataMotion's secure message delivery connector enables seamless, one-way encrypted messaging, helping users remain compliant with industry regulations and your enterprise's security policies.2021-11-162021-10-19release-test-new\1.0.1530.2606securemessagedelivery
SeeBotRun - LinkCreate links dynamically for your SeeBotRun Link account.2021-09-112021-06-16release-test-new\1.0.1515.2553seebotrunlink
SeekTableGenerates tabular reports saved in your SeekTable account.2020-12-102019-04-25releases/v1.0.1425\1.0.1425.2266seektable
SeismicSeismic is the leading sales enablement platform. By leveraging Seismic in your flows, you can create rich workflow processes and business applications to increase business productivity and effectiveness.2020-11-202019-08-28release-test-new\1.0.1299.2040seismic
SendGridSendGrid Connection Provider lets you send email and manage recipient lists.2021-02-092016-10-13releases/v1.0.1439\1.0.1439.2325sendgrid
MailMail Connection Provider lets you send email notification.2021-10-132016-10-13releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585sendmail
SendmodeConnect to your Sendmode Business Messaging account and Send SMS messages instantly to any country.2020-12-102020-03-03releases/v1.0.1425\1.0.1425.2266sendmode
Serverless360 BAM & TrackingServerLess360 Custom connector helps you track your business processes.2020-06-042019-06-21releases/v1.0.1356\1.0.1356.2026serverless360
Service BusConnect to Azure Service Bus to send and receive messages. You can perform actions such as send to queue, send to topic, receive from queue, receive from subscription, etc.2021-09-242016-10-21releases/v1.0.1518\1.0.1518.2564servicebus
ServiceNowServiceNow improves service levels, energizes employees, and enables your enterprise to work at lightspeed. Create, read and update records stored within ServiceNow including Incidents, Questions, Users and more.2021-05-052017-10-20releases/v1.0.1467\1.0.1467.2416service-now
Service ObjectsCleanse, validate, and enhance contact data. Our tools validate and cross-verify a contact's name, location, phone, email address and device against hundreds of authoritative data sources.2021-05-122021-04-28releases/v1.0.1471\1.0.1471.2424serviceobjects
Service Objects LiveCleanse, validate, and enhance contact data. Our tools validate and cross-verify a contact's name, location, phone, email address and device against hundreds of authoritative data sources.2021-04-222021-04-15release-test-new\1.0.1299.2140serviceobjectslive
SerwerSMSSerwerSMS allows sending and receiving SMS messages. Our platform has the function of both single and mass SMS sending. Sending messages has never been so easy, fast and effective.2020-10-092019-08-09releases/v1.0.1405\1.0.1405.2174serwersms
SFTPSFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management over any reliable data stream. It was designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an extension of the Secure Shell protocol (SSH) version 2.0 to provide secure file transfer capabilities.2021-11-182016-10-13releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619sftp
SFTP - SSHSFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management over any reliable data stream. It was designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an extension of the Secure Shell protocol (SSH) version 2.0 to provide secure file transfer capabilities.2021-11-182019-09-26release-2021-12-11-apseth\1.0.1538.2616sftpwithssh
Share-EffectShare-Effect helps automating business processes and organize information in Office 365. With our Connector you can begin using data from other systems as metadata in SharePoint. Visit for more information.2021-11-172019-04-25release-test-new\1.0.1530.2607shareeffect
Shifts for Microsoft TeamsFor managers, plan shift schedules, broadcast open and unfilled shifts to your team. For team members, easily view your shifts and make schedule-change requests (swap/offer/time off).2021-06-162020-06-11releases/v1.0.1481\1.0.1481.2460shifts
ShopifyREST interface for Shopify's merchants to receive, process, and manage their orders.2021-11-042021-11-04release-test-new\1.0.1530.2600shopify
Short URLCreate, update or delete Short URL (Short Links, Tiny URLs) using a custom domain with Click Analytics for any link using the Short URL connector. The connector is a companion of a Short URL for SharePoint. Short URL allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks fully integrated within SharePoint!2020-10-302020-01-15releases/v1.0.1414\1.0.1414.2210shorturl
Showcase WorkshopShowcase Workshop turns your devices into powerful sales, presentation, and training toolkits.2021-03-122021-03-06releases/v1.0.1451\1.0.1451.2361showcaseworkshop
Sigma Conso CRSigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting Connector provides a set of APIs to interact with your Consolidation & Reporting instances. Easily transfer data, trigger actions and automate workflows in Sigma Conso. Go beyond the limits of traditional CPM solutions.2021-10-082021-08-10releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580sigmaconsocr
SigningHubSigningHub is a complete solution for document approval workflows, advanced digital signatures and document status tracking. It is designed to quickly optimize the way businesses deliver, review, approve and sign their business documents2021-04-152019-09-25releases/v1.0.1461\1.0.1461.2397signinghub
Derdack SIGNL4Derdack SIGNL4 is a mobile notification app to reliably notify operations teams on duty and boost their productivity.2020-06-022017-11-03releases/v1.0.1355\1.0.1355.2020signl4
SignNowSignNow makes it easy to sign, send, and manage documents anywhere on any device with a simple and secure electronic signature solution.2021-11-032018-12-01releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605signnow
SignRequestSignRequest is a secure and legally binding e-signature tool that enables you and your partners to sign contracts and other documents fast and without the hassle of having to print, sign and scan. 2020-04-212020-01-23releases/v1.0.1337\1.0.1337.1973signrequest
Skype for Business OnlineMessaging, meetings, and screen sharing all in one app that works with Office.2021-10-082017-09-22releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580skypeforbiz
SkyPoint CloudSkyPoint is a customer data platform that champions privacy and compliance through connected privacy-first customer experiences. SkyPoint Connector provides a set of APIs to work with SkyPoint platform instances and entities.2021-01-062020-12-15releases/v1.0.1429\1.0.1429.2295skypointcloud
SlackSlack is a team communication tool, that brings together all of your team communications in one place, instantly searchable and available wherever you go.2021-06-112016-10-13releases/v1.0.1480\1.0.1480.2454slack
SlasconeConnect any third-party software to your Slascone Enviroment via this connector.2020-10-302020-02-05releases/v1.0.1414\1.0.1414.2210slascone
SmarpSmarp is a mobile-first employee communication platform to drive alignment, productivity and champion your brand. Connect to Smarp to manage your posts.2020-12-102019-09-26releases/v1.0.1425\1.0.1425.2266smarp
SmartDialogSmartDialog is a platform used to send and receive SMS- and WhatsApp messages. It offers a wide variety of smart messaging services.2021-09-172021-03-13releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558smartdialog
Smart Global GovernanceSmart Global Governance allows to interact with Smart Compliance Booster solution to setup new dataflows with other applications. It can be used to automate/customize many daily tasks like exchanging data, triggering alerts or sending messages to appropriate people.2021-02-102021-02-10release-test-new\1.0.1299.2081smartglobalgovernance
SmartsheetSmartsheet is a powerful work management and collaboration tool that lets you easily track and manage your work so you and your team can be more productive than ever. Use it to collaborate with others, track progress on any project, automate processes, and better structure your work.2021-02-092016-10-22releases/v1.0.1439\1.0.1439.2325smartsheet offers you the possibility to send SMS, text2voice messages, perform home register lookups, mobile number portability status lookups, phone number formats and much more.2020-11-062020-10-31releases/v1.0.1415\1.0.1415.2226sms77io
SMSAPISMSAPI is a global professional SMS provider and a part of industry-leading LINK Mobility Group. We excel at providing easy and powerful tools, and Microsoft Power-Up has become one of them. Use this connector to send SMS messages globaly and manage your contact database. In order to use this Power-Up, you need to have an account. is for professional use only.2020-07-172020-07-10releases/v1.0.1372\1.0.1372.2076smsapi
SMSLinkSMSLink is a SMS provider that provides integrated services such as SMS Marketing, SMS Gateway and Mail to SMS.2020-12-102020-05-12releases/v1.0.1425\1.0.1425.2266smslink
SMTPSMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an internet standard for email supported by most email processing servers. Connect to SMTP to send email.2021-11-182016-10-13releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619smtp
SociabbleSociabble delivers top of the line enterprise social media solutions for employee advocacy, social selling, internal communication and Employee Engagement. Employees are better informed, improve their digital footprint.2021-10-082021-09-04releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580sociabble
Soft1The Soft1 Connector provides an API to work with Soft1 objects2021-11-122018-11-03releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613soft1
SOLYPSolyp is designed to bring order and clarity to your strategic processes, empowering you to exceed your goals. Work systematically, collaboratively and effectively on all aspects of strategy and leadership. Succeed decisively in the age of digitization.2020-04-212020-03-03releases/v1.0.1337\1.0.1337.1973solyp
SparkPostSparkPost API allows you to manage email recipient lists and send emails.2020-06-022016-10-22releases/v1.0.1355\1.0.1355.2020sparkpost
SpinpanelSpinpanel, allows you to sell, deploy, manage and automate Microsoft Cloud solutions2021-11-032021-10-27releases/v1.0.1534\1.0.1534.2605spinpanel
Spotify (Independent Publisher)The Spotify connector will give you access to your Library, Artists, Albums, Tracks and more!2021-10-072021-08-26releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578spotifyip
Spring GlobalThe connector contains a trigger to handle surver execution events and methods get relevant information about survey execution and users2021-11-122021-11-04releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613springglobal
SproketPowerActionsSproket Power action connector is a suite of SharePoint related functions to help user create site collection, sub-site and set permission for SharePoint items.2020-01-312020-01-18release-test-new\1.0.1299.1864sproketpoweractions
Azure SQL Data WarehouseMicrosoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. Connect to Azure SQL Data Warehouse to view your data.2021-11-182018-02-02releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619sqldw
StaffbaseWith the Staffbase Connector, you bridge disparate tools and systems and integrate the Staffbase platform into your automated workflows. That include your employee app or intranet to automate processes, run tasks on a schedule, or notify users when events occur.2021-10-272021-09-28release-test-new\1.0.1530.2595staffbase
StaffCircleStaffCircle is an employee success platform which combines company culture with Performance Management in order to create high performing teams even in distributed work environments. StafffCircle includes Objective, Reviews, Values and Feedback linked to your competency framework. Drive engagement and performance with deep insight.2021-03-192021-02-13releases/v1.0.1454\1.0.1454.2370staffcircle
Microsoft StaffHubMicrosoft StaffHub is a cloud-based platform that works across all your devices. It enables firstline workers and their managers to manage time, communicate with their teams, and share content.2020-12-112017-08-14releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268staffhub
StormboardStormboard Connector2020-10-302018-10-25releases/v1.0.1414\1.0.1414.2210stormboard
StripeStripe allows private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the internet. You can track customers, orders, invoices and more.2021-09-172017-01-14releases/v1.0.1516\1.0.1516.2558stripe
Survey123ArcGIS Survey123 is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering solution that makes creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys possible in just three easy steps: 1) Ask Questions; 2) Get the Answers; 3) Make the best Decisions.2021-03-172018-07-04releases/v1.0.1453\1.0.1453.2366survey123
Survey123 (Test)ArcGIS Survey123 is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering solution that makes creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys possible in just three easy steps: 1) Ask Questions; 2) Get the Answers; 3) Make the best Decisions.2021-03-262021-03-25release-test-new\1.0.1299.2112survey123test
SurveyMonkeySurveyMonkey is the world's leading provider of web-based survey solutions. These solutions are used by companies, organizations, and individuals to gather the insights they need to make more informed decisions.2021-05-282017-01-26releases/v1.0.1476\1.0.1476.2441surveymonkey
TagoTago provides easy connection of electronic devices with external data to drive smarter decisions using contextual analysis.2020-12-112017-11-10releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268tago
TallyfyTallyfy is beautiful workflow software that helps you create, track and scale any repeatable process. It helps you eliminate the use of flowcharts, forms and emails by digitizing manual business processes and approval workflows.2021-09-282019-08-09release-test-new\1.0.1515.2559tallyfy
TDoxTDox Connector for customer, products and list items2020-06-022018-11-30releases/v1.0.1355\1.0.1355.2020tdox
Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams enables you to get all your content, tools and conversations in the Team workspace with Office 365.2021-11-192017-05-11releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620teams
Teamwork ProjectsKeep all your team's tasks in one place. Collaborate and work in real time for real results. Teamwork Projects is a powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team.2020-12-112017-06-08releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268teamwork
Telephony Xtended Serv InterfIntegrate with BluIP's telephony system to take your call to the next level. Telephony Xtended Service Interface (XSI).2020-11-112019-11-02releases/v1.0.1416\1.0.1416.2232telephonyxtendedsrv
TeleSign SMSTeleSign SMS enables apps to send global text messages. Add as another communications channel to send alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, marketing messages and more.2020-12-112018-09-14releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268telesignsms
TeradataTeradata Database is a relational database management system from Teradata Corporation, typically used to support large data warehousing operations. Connect to on-premise Teradata database to read data from tables.2021-11-182017-06-09releases/v1.0.1538\1.0.1538.2619teradata
The Brønnøysund Registries (Independent Publisher)The Brønnøysund registries (Brønnøysundregistrene) is a Norwegian state administrative agency consisting of 18 different state electronic registers. The purpose is to create order and simplification for the business community and for the public.2021-10-082021-10-08releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580thebronnoysundregistries
The Weather Channel (Independent Publisher)The Weather Channel allows anyone to search weather events by geocode and time. This connector allows a user to pull this data into their app, flow, or report.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596theweatherchannelip
Ticketing.eventsThis connector will enable you to add attendees and tickets to your account.2020-08-052020-07-24releases/v1.0.1380\1.0.1380.2095ticketingevents
TilkeeTilkee is an online platform that makes cross-functional collaboration happen. Combining deep knowledge of sales enablement with augmented intelligence, the vision of the team behind Tilkee is to align marketing with sales and guide Sales, Product Marketing, Channel Enablement, and Customer Success teams towards digital transformation.2020-12-112020-03-21releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268tilkee
timeghosttimeghost is a dedicated Microsoft 365 / Office 365 solution that integrates perfectly with your work environment. Generate time reports, invoices and other documents using the timeghost connector.2021-10-152020-03-31releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588timeghost
Microsoft To-Do (Business)Microsoft To-Do is an intelligent task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day. Connect to Microsoft To-Do to manage your tasks from various services. You can perform actions such as creating tasks.2021-02-192017-12-06releases/v1.0.1443\1.0.1443.2340todo
TodoistTodoist is an online task management app and todo list. With Todoist, users can organize, schedule, maintain and prioritize personal tasks.2021-04-282016-10-22releases/v1.0.1465\1.0.1465.2409todoist
Toggl Plan (Independent Publisher)Plan, collaborate, and get projects done with Toggl Plan2021-10-072021-08-26releases/v1.0.1525\1.0.1525.2578togglplanip
ToodledoToodledo is a powerful online productivity tool. Manage your to-do list by creating and updating tasks.2020-12-112017-03-08releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268toodledo
TPC PortalThe Portal Connector (TPC) is the leading alternative for delivering Customer Engagement portals connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365. The TPC Portal Connector enables organizations and businesses to capture triggers based on the interaction of portal users within The Portal Connector. The Connector also enables administrators to execute actions within The Portal Connector like assigning roles, creating content, and managing common processes.2021-01-222020-12-30releases/v1.0.1433\1.0.1433.2309tpcportal
Traction GuestTraction Guest is a leading visitor management solution that tracks visitor invites and sign ins. Actions taken in Traction Guest such as a visitor signing in, an invite being sent by a host, or a visitor matching on a watchlist can trigger actions in other connectors.2021-02-192020-03-06release-test-new\1.0.1299.2088tractionguest
Transform2AllTransform2All is able to apply transformation schemas to transform the representation of your data from one format (JSON, XML, TXT, ...) to another.2020-12-042020-11-21releases/v1.0.1423\1.0.1423.2260transform2all
Microsoft Translator V2Microsoft Translator lets you translate text across multiple languages.2021-06-162019-04-09releases/v1.0.1481\1.0.1481.2460translatorv2
TrelloTrello gives you perspective over all your projects, at work and at home. It is an easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything. Connect to Trello to manage your boards, lists and cards.2021-02-122016-10-13releases/v1.0.1441\1.0.1441.2333trello
TRIGGERcmdTo run commands on your computers: 1 - Create an account at 2 - Install the TRIGGERcmd agent on your computer. 3 - Setup commands using the agent software. 4 - Trigger those commands with Microsoft Power Automate.2020-12-112020-03-21releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268triggercmd
TrustualTrustual gives evidence of integrity and time for your documents and files. Learn more in\1.0.1355.2020trustual
TwilioTwilio enables apps to send and receive global SMS, MMS and IP messages.2021-03-102016-10-13releases/v1.0.1450\1.0.1450.2360twilio
TwitterTwitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and receive short messages called 'tweets'. Connect to Twitter to manage your tweets. You can perform various actions such as send tweet, search, view followers, etc.2021-11-192016-10-13releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620twitter
TxtSyncTxtSync enables applications to send and receive global SMS while tracking open rates and delivery reports. Please go to for more information and to create your account2020-12-112018-12-19releases/v1.0.1426\1.0.1426.2268txtsync
tyntec 2FATyntec Authentication is a tool for user-friendly two-factor authentication (2FA) with SMS and voice.2021-02-062021-01-30releases/v1.0.1439\1.0.1439.2325tyntec2fa
tyntec Portability Checktyntec Portability Check allows you to validate a phone number in the tyntec number portability database2020-10-012020-09-22releases/v1.0.1402\1.0.1402.2163tyntecportabilitycheck
tyntec SMS BusinessAllows SMS communication channel using the tyntec Conversations API to expand your outreach potential2021-02-192020-09-22releases/v1.0.1443\1.0.1443.2340tyntecsms
tyntec Viber BusinessProvides Viber communication channel using the tyntec Conversations API to expand your customer engagement2021-03-312020-09-22releases/v1.0.1457\1.0.1457.2379tyntecviber
tyntec WhatsApp BusinessEnables WhatsApp communication channel using the tyntec Conversations API to improve your communication ability2021-04-212020-09-22releases/v1.0.1463\1.0.1463.2403tyntecwa
TypeformBuild beautiful, engaging, and conversational online forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages, and much more with Typeform. 2021-01-272017-01-18releases/v1.0.1434\1.0.1434.2314typeform
Uber FreightUber Freight provides a logistics platform for Shippers to book, price and track loads with Carriers. Connect to Uber Freight to generate real time quotes and tenders.2021-06-292021-06-29release-test-new\1.0.1299.2190uberfreight
Ubiqod by SkiplyUbiqod provides a simple and powerful platform to connect your Skiply IoT buttons and Qods to third party platforms. This connector triggers a flow every time data is sent by any of the IoT-devices or Qods belonging to the configured group.2021-01-272020-10-14releases/v1.0.1434\1.0.1434.2314ubiqodbyskiply
Desktop flowsEnables desktop flows (previously called UI flows)2021-11-102019-10-12releases/v1.0.1536\1.0.1536.2611uiflow
UK Bank Holidays (Independent Publisher)A JSON object containing the bank holidays of the four kingdoms of the United Kingdom supplied by H.M. Government2021-10-152021-06-30releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588ukbankholidays
Unix Timestamp (Independent Publisher)Converts Unix timestamps to DateTime objects and DateTime objects to Unix timestamps.2021-10-272021-10-27releases/v1.0.1531\1.0.1531.2596unixtimestampip
UserVoiceUserVoice is a product management and customer support tool that allows businesses to build a suggestions portal for their users to submit feature ideas, build a ticketing system for customer support and build articles knowledge base for users.2021-10-132017-01-10releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585uservoice
Vantage 365 ImagingActions which will allow you to generate Bar Codes, graphical images, as part of your Power Apps, Automations or Logic Apps. Embed the images directly into emails or save as a file to increase the number of uses for your graphical identifiers.2020-04-282019-09-11releases/v1.0.1339\1.0.1339.1981vantage365imaging
Vena SolutionsVena’s interface pairs the best parts of Excel and the power of a full finance-led planning solution so you can streamline your workflows without upending your processes. Connect to Vena to import data from a file into your cube, or to export data from your cube to a file.2021-02-122019-04-11releases/v1.0.1441\1.0.1441.2333vena
Ventipix Asset and InventoryThis connector enables you to add asset or inventory data to your account, or for use with other flows.2020-08-052020-07-23releases/v1.0.1380\1.0.1380.2095ventipixassetandinventory
Video Indexer (V2)Easily extract insights from your videos and quickly enrich your applications to enhance discovery and engagement. Use the Video Indexer connector to turn your videos into insights.2021-07-212018-06-22releases/v1.0.1499\1.0.1499.2499videoindexer-v2
VimeoVimeo is a powerful tool for video management, marketing, and analytics all in one place.2021-11-122017-03-17releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613vimeo
Virus TotalVirus Total is an online service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware and malicious content using antivirus engines and website scanners. It provides an API that allows users to access the information generated by VirusTotal.2021-10-072020-03-19release-test-new\1.0.1515.2566virustotal
Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps provides services for teams to share code, track work, and ship software - for any language, all in a single package. It's the perfect complement to your IDE.2021-11-192016-10-27releases/v1.0.1539\1.0.1539.2620visualstudioteamservices
WaailaWaaila is a comprehensive application for automatic data quality monitoring, supported by global community of hundreds of analysts. It helps to prevent disastrous scenarios caused by poor data quality and measurement.2021-07-082021-07-08releases/v1.0.1492\1.0.1492.2484waaila
WaailaWaaila is a comprehensive application for automatic data quality monitoring, supported by global community of hundreds of analysts. It helps to prevent disastrous scenarios caused by poor data quality and measurement.2021-04-282021-03-18release-test-new\1.0.1299.2144waalia
Way We DoWay We Do enables teams to actively use repeatable policies, procedures, processes and playbooks in their day to day workflows to increase efficiency, quality and compliance.2021-11-052019-05-01releases/v1.0.1535\1.0.1535.2607waywedo
Microsoft Defender ATPMicrosoft Defender ATP is a unified platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response. Read more about it here:\1.0.1528.2585wdatp
Weather Forecast (Independent Publisher)The weather forecast connector helps one to get weather forecast depending on the city of their choice2021-10-152021-10-15releases/v1.0.1529\1.0.1529.2588weatherforecastip
HTTP with Azure ADUse the HTTP connector to fetch resources from various Web services, authenticated by Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), or from an on-premise web service.2021-11-122017-07-18releases/v1.0.1537\1.0.1537.2613webcontents
WebexWebex enables continuous teamwork with video meetings, group messaging, file sharing, and white boarding. Always available. Cisco secure. With the Webex connector, you can send and receive messages, manage files, and manage spaces and teams.2021-04-222018-11-16releases/v1.0.1463\1.0.1463.2403webex
Formstack DocumentsAutomatically populate templates with data from your favorite cloud apps. Never copy & paste again!2021-09-292017-02-17releases/v1.0.1520\1.0.1520.2570webmerge
WenDocs LinkerConnect to WenDocs Publish API Service. Empowers registered users to call service to assemble WenDocs template(made by our Word add-in: Wendocs Template Designer) and json data, then publish to Word, PDF, HTML formats. By integrating with other connecters, it is easy to produce documents driven by data automatically, like a welcome letter, resume, business report...2021-07-242021-07-17releases/v1.0.1500\1.0.1500.2502wendocslinker
What3Words (Independent Publisher)What3Words divides the world into 3 metre squares and this connector will help you translate from conventional methods like latitude and longitude to their respective words and vice versa.2021-08-182021-08-18release-test-new\1.0.1299.2235what3words
What3Words (Independent Publisher)What3Words divides the world into 3 metre squares and this connector will help you translate from conventional methods like latitude and longitude to their respective words and vice versa.2021-10-012021-08-20releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572what3wordsip
WithoutWire Inventory PlatformThe connector contains methods to connect WithoutWire for move requests, order fullfillment requests, adjustments, audits, and allocation as well as any inventory management needs2021-11-172021-08-06release-test-new\1.0.1530.2607withoutwireinventory
WithoutWire Inventory Platform (Test)Test Connector by Engineering Team2021-11-122021-07-24release-test-new\1.0.1530.2604withoutwireinventoryplatform
WitivioBuild advanced virtual agent with the power of Witivio 3652021-07-212019-10-26releases/v1.0.1499\1.0.1499.2499witivio
Word Online (Business)Word Online (Business) connector lets you work with Word files in document libraries supported by Microsoft Graph (OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online Sites, and Office 365 Groups).2021-10-082019-01-12releases/v1.0.1527\1.0.1527.2580wordonlinebusiness
WordPressWordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.2021-04-152017-01-20releases/v1.0.1461\1.0.1461.2397wordpress
Workday HCMWorkday HCM contains operations that expose Workday Human Capital Management Business Services data, including Employee, Contingent Worker and Organization information.2020-01-292017-10-17releases/v1.0.1304\1.0.1304.1878workdayhcm
WorkPointWorkPoint 365 business-solution makes it easy to manage critical processes.2021-09-082020-02-22releases/v1.0.1513\1.0.1513.2549workpoint
WorkSpanWorkSpan is a collaborative platform to plan, execute, and drive revenue with partners. Manage your partner programs and partner initiatives on WorkSpan, and connect seamlessly with internal and partner applications. You can integrate your CRM, Partner Center, Collaboration tools and Productivity tools to WorkSpan.2020-09-252020-06-03releases/v1.0.1401\1.0.1401.2157workspan
Xbridger Document ManagerWith this connector you can merge documents, convert documents from one format to another, create modern pages from Word document and do much more.2021-02-062021-01-21releases/v1.0.1439\1.0.1439.2325xbridgerdocumentmanager
Xooa Blockchain DatabaseXooa makes it easy to use blockchain by eliminating common barriers. By gaining an enterprise blockchain platform, you can start leveraging the capabilities of blockchain almost instantly. The Xooa Ledger Database (XLDB) allows you to use blockchain like a simple database. Storing, retrieving, and querying entries without needing to write a smart contract. All you need is a Xooa account. This connector completes the picture by providing access to this database. The current state of a given entry is represented by the World State (a NoSQL database). Because blockchain is append only, the transactions that led to the current state of the entry are stored in the ledger. An entry must take the form of key-value pair where the key uniquely identifies the entry and value can take the form of a JSON object.2020-11-112019-04-06releases/v1.0.1416\1.0.1416.2232xooablockchain
Xooa Blockchain Smart ContractXooa makes it easy to use blockchain by eliminating common barriers. A blockchain platform as a service (PaaS) provides an enterprise blockchain. The connector provides an immutable ledger and a private blockchain infrastructure. You control who can view and participate in the ledger, and you can shift your data to your own network at any time.2021-01-062019-01-16releases/v1.0.1429\1.0.1429.2295xooadb
XpertdocXpertdoc enables business users to simplify, optimize and automate consistent document generation processes, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 and external data sources as well as seamless integrations to leading applications. Our robust and user-friendly features let you easily create, generate, manage, store, deliver and e-sign business-critical documents like quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices and more without code.2021-01-292020-05-22releases/v1.0.1436\1.0.1436.2319xpertdoc
YammerYammer is a leading social network for businesses to get work done smarter and faster. Connect to Yammer to access conversations in your enterprise network.2021-06-112016-10-13releases/v1.0.1480\1.0.1480.2454yammer
YeeflowYeeflow is a no-code application development platform that empowers you to build enterprise-class applications that run on mobile, tablet, and web. Create custom forms, configure workflows, build informative dashboard, and get your app up and running in minutes.2021-07-272020-10-31releases/v1.0.1500\1.0.1500.2502yeeflow
YeelightYeelight allows you to control the settings of compatible devices for smart lighting applications.2020-04-212018-10-25releases/v1.0.1337\1.0.1337.1973yeelight
Yelp (Independent Publisher)The Yelp connector allows you to get the best local content, points of interest, and user reviews from millions of businesses across 32 countries.2021-08-182021-08-18release-test-new\1.0.1299.2235yelp
Yelp (Independent Publisher)The Yelp connector allows you to get the best local content, points of interest, and user reviews from millions of businesses across 32 countries.2021-10-012021-08-20releases/v1.0.1521\1.0.1521.2572yelpip
YouTubeYouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share videos.2021-04-152016-10-22releases/v1.0.1461\1.0.1461.2397youtube
ZaharaZahara is a complete purchase management platform enabling paperless approvals for supplier invoices and purchase requisition.2020-06-022018-11-09releases/v1.0.1355\1.0.1355.2020zahara
Zanran ScaffolderThe Zanran Scaffolder extracts tables and text from PDF or image files. Tables are extracted as Excel or XML, text as XML. The Scaffolder is best for reports like financial statements, scientific papers, brokers reports... Initially, you can test your documents using the manual, anonymous, practice site: www.zanrandemoapi.com2020-07-312020-07-22releases/v1.0.1379\1.0.1379.2091zanranscaffolder
ZendeskZendesk builds software for better customer relationships. With multiple products in its portfolio, Zendesk provides a customer service and support ticketing platform that gives businesses the ability to handle customer calls, emails, and other technical inquiries from a unified interface.2021-10-132017-02-28releases/v1.0.1528\1.0.1528.2585zendesk
ZenkraftConnects to Zenkraft API to create/manage/track shipments from 50+ Different carriers2021-05-262019-10-18releases/v1.0.1475\1.0.1475.2438zenkraft
Zoho SignZoho's Sign is a complete digital signature app that helps digitally sign business documents with complete security and reliability2021-10-282021-10-28release-test-new\1.0.1530.2596zohosign
zReportszReports integrates stock control and accounting with data from your restaurant/bar POS system. You can upload data and receive notifications about activity in your account.2020-06-022019-09-17releases/v1.0.1355\1.0.1355.2020zreports